Hi, my name is Naomi Teeter and once upon a time, I weighed 300 pounds.



I could tell you my sad, sorry life story about how and why I was morbidly obese for the first 26 years of my life, but I know that’s not why you’re here. I’ll cut to the chase: you probably went through some crap, too. Right?

It’s okay to admit to adversity. It’s what makes you stronger and more durable than the rest. Those of us who were dealt an unfair hand in life know how hard things are, yet somehow we make it through. 

Friend, that’s going to help you for your weight loss journey (if that’s why you’re here). If you can live with and come through all of that junk, you can handle this. I’m living proof of that. 


Here’s exactly what you need to know right now:

1. Adversity and challenge are making you more durable for the life you said you wanted. You have to be tough to live a successful life because life WANTS to give you everything you ask for, but it tests you to make sure you can handle it. I said you were dealt an unfair hand, but did I mention that it was actually unfair in your favor?

2. The answer isn’t found on your plate. You can meditate on your broccoli florets until you pass out from boredom. No diet or workout routine is going to help you lose weight AND keep it off. I’ve been down that road. It’s a short term fix. You’ll end right back up where you started. Don’t over fixate on your food and fitness.

3. The mental and emotional work is where the magic is. This is the part 2/3rds of people won’t do. Yet, this is the work that GUARANTEES your success at weight loss and all of those other big goals you have for yourself. 


There is a reason why 95% of people lose weight and  then gain it back. Their focus has been on the wrong thing all along. I know other weight loss maintainers who are also struggling every day… Because they’re focus is still on gym time and meal prep. Those things will only take you so far, friend. 

Over the last several years, I’ve received awards and recognition for my work as a health coach and writer in the realm of wellness. At one point, Mind Body Green called me a “Wellness Expert” right along with Kris Carr! 



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All the best,