Trying to lose weight can be a blessing or a curse depending on the route you take.

I’m Naomi and I will take you from a frumpy shy mess to that confident, no nonsense chick with enough drive and determination to make all of your wild (and geeky) dreams come true. I will take you from self-doubt to badassery, from procrastination to determination, from excuse making to creating your personal legend.

How do I do that?

By giving you the right map and mindset tools with a hefty dose of real talk so that you can not only lose the weight for good, but save your own friggan life. ‘Cuz I’m not going to do that shit for you.


Hi, my name is Naomi Teeter  and once upon a time, I weighed 300 pounds.



Here’s exactly what you need to know right now:

1. Adversity and challenge are making you more DURABLE for the life you said you wanted.

You have to be tough to live a successful, healthy life because life WANTS to give you everything you ask for, but it tests you to make sure you can handle it. Most of us live a life of comfort and ease that conditions us to stay stuck. Comfort and ease doesn’t always translate into happiness.


For example: You can drive a Jeep Cherokee because it’s comfortable, easy and dependable… but you know you want to fit behind the wheel of that baby blue Mini Cooper because it’s fun, adventurous and classy. That means you’ll have to shift gears with what you’re okay with in your life.


That means you’ll have to admit to the pain and do something about it.


2. The answer isn’t found on your plate.

You can meditate on your broccoli florets until you pass out from boredom. No diet or workout routine is going to help you lose weight AND keep it off forever. You’ll end right back up where you started. What you need are the tools to make eating and exercise easier to stick to.


You already know you need to do it, but your approach is shit because you’re doing the things recommended by people who’ve NEVER been significantly overweight. So, they’re life experience says, “This is easy to do, I can teach this.” You buy into their hot-pink-sports-bra-wearing, six-pack abs havin’ trickery, and you fail miserably.


It’s not as easy as focusing on just the right foods to eat and the best exercises to blast fat. If it were, you wouldn’t be reading this.


3. The mental and emotional work is where the MAGIC is.

This is the part 2/3rds of people won’t do. Yet, this is the work that GUARANTEES your success at weight loss and all of those other big goals you have for yourself. 


There is a reason why 95% of people lose weight and will gain it back. Their focus has been on the wrong thing all along. I know many other weight loss maintainers who are also struggling every day to maintain their weight loss… Because they’re focus is still on gym time and meal prep. They do a lot of “busy work” to fight off emotional eating. But what if you want a normal life free of emotional and binge eating, without feeling like you’re going to explode from all of the stressful strategic planning you think is necessary to avoid binge eating? I can help.

Intrigued? Excited? Craving more?



All the best,





P.S. Be one of those people who pull it off. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like you to inspire transformation!