Trying to lose weight can feel like your prayers are being answered or it can feel like you’ve been cursed by the diet gods. It depends on the path you take.


I’m Naomi and I went from being a frumpy shy mess to a confident, no nonsense chick with drive and determination to make my wild (and geeky) dreams come true. I can help you get out of self-doubt and into badassery, from procrastination to determination, from excuse making to passion and purpose driven.


How do I do that?


By giving you the right map and mindset tools with a hefty dose of real talk so that you can not only lose the weight for good, but save your own friggan life. ‘Cuz I’m not going to do that for you.


Hi, my name is Naomi Teeter  and once upon a time, I weighed 300 pounds.


The diet and weight loss industry is set up for you to fail.

As a former 300-pound woman, I was unhappy with the heaviness and pain I carried with me every day. I dread waking up each morning knowing I’d have to lug this weight around. I fell victim to yo-yo and fad dieted for years, because that’s what everyone else was doing. The focus of mainstream diets is always on the end result and the most logical, unemotional steps to get you there.


This set me up to fail over and over again—I felt even more stupid than I did before… because I believed this was the diet that was going to change my life.  


When you can’t follow the easy steps to weight loss, what do you do?

You give up. You start researching weight loss surgery. Or you wake up one morning and realize doing it their way was the problem all along. When that voice inside you says, “Maybe this isn’t for me” – listen!


The blueprint that works:

Instead of giving you a diet plan that DOESN’T work long-term, I train my clients based on their unique personality and outlook on the world. I tailor their actions and activities based on what they CAN do. But most importantly, I give them the mindset tools to combat failure and self-sabotage. As a 150-pound weight loss maintainer, I know the head games we play with ourselves when we don’t see results fast enough… or when we freak out because the results come quicker than we’re ready for! <– It happens more often than you’d believe!


Does this sound like you?

I am a weight loss success story coach who works with women who have been overweight for years, and are finally ready to make the lifestyle transformation to keep the weight off forever. They’re ready to do the work on their own terms and their transformations speak for themselves. My dedicated clients typically lose anywhere from 30-100+ pounds through my 100% safe weight loss framework.


Having the right map to your weight loss journey is crucial.

You don’t want to continue to fall into the same trap over and over again. End the shame spiral of starting over every January 1st. You don’t have to push yourself to exhaustion, starve every day, or have drastic surgery to achieve the comfort and satisfaction of finally being average-size.


You don’t have to be anything other than YOU to succeed.

When I started my weight loss journey, I lived at poverty-level and could barely afford to pay my rent, I was a high-school drop out and didn’t “get” a lot of simple concepts, and ALL of my family members were morbidly obese (my little brother was 840 pounds). I had the odds stacked against me in most areas of my life. I’m living proof that you don’t have to have it all together before you begin.


Intrigued? Excited? Craving more?



All the best,





P.S. Be one of those people who pull it off. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like you to Inspire Transformation!