1 Mind Trick I Used To Make Sure I Got To The Gym Every Day

woman at the gym with weights


When I weighed 300 pounds, I was terrified of the judgment and looks of disapproval I would get the first time I walked into the gym on my own.

Now, as a health coach (and weight loss maintainer), I work with many women who have the same fear that keeps them away from the gym or working out in a public setting.

When I speak with women about my gym mind trick, most have a light bulb click on and a sudden look on their face that says, “Yes! I can to that!” and usually, that’s the exact words that cross their lips, too.

Even if fear of judgment isn’t your reason for not getting into the gym on a consistent basis, this technique might still work for you also!

As a plus-sized woman working out at the gym, I developed this mind trick to not only help me push harder while I was exercising, but also to make sure I showed up every day to train.

Instead of focusing on how difficult my workout was (or how some individuals in the gym may have unpleasant thoughts about me), I looked around for the folks that were like me—overweight but wanting to improve their fitness.

I figured if I was going to put myself out there to be watched, I might as well give them a good show!

Here’s the decision we have to make: Will we settle for trying to do workouts in front of our TV every day and always give up? Will we choose to be that person in the corner of the gym hiding away and hoping no one sees them? Or do we do the workout we really want to do, despite prying eyes?

Something to think about: we’re all leaders (and we all need them, too). We all have the ability to help and influence each other. But many of us don’t believe it, yet.

Whether you choose to recognize this about yourself or not, to focus on your fitness regardless of the current state of your physical body can be highly motivational for others who are struggling to do the same. Doing this action lets others know they aren’t alone on their fitness journey.

I knew that if I made the decision to hide away in the corner of the gym (or skip my workout altogether), I was letting down all of the potential people I might have inspired on their fitness journeys that day.

People will keep showing up when they feel accepted and comfortable. How’s an insecure person going to make it to the gym every day when they don’t feel like they belong because there’s no one there like them showing them how it’s done? Be their leader. Let them know they aren’t alone. Fitness is your time to inspire others (and yourself). Don’t leave it all up to the gym rats.


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