1 Minute With Naomi: The #1 Thief Of Your Progress


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Today, let’s talk about the #1 thief of your progress. This is something that held me back many times (after I lost weight and during my weight loss journey).




Competing. Contests.


You’ve probably known a few people who have taken part in weight loss contests (or competitions or challenges) only to put ALL OF THE WEIGHT BACK ON after they “won” the contest.


We see this with the Biggest Loser (and other weight loss reality shows) all of the time. There’s a reason why competing and comparing doesn’t work.


Because you shouldn’t have to put yourself against someone else so that somebody becomes a loser in order for somebody to lose weight and feel good about themselves.


Losing weight through the means of competing and comparing won’t work. It works very short-term. If you want long-term success, that comes with stopping putting yourself against another person. You have to keep your head down and do the work.


That’s how you’re going to be successful on your weight loss journey.


The one thing that’s stealing that from you is comparing yourself to other people. You may feel like you’re doing it because you want to do it the “right way” or “best way” and you maybe don’t trust yourself just yet. But you can find the knowledge out there through programs (like mine), through free trainings (like mine)—so that you know you’re on the right track without having to compete and compare with someone else.


In fact, I have a free training: You Deserve to be A Success Story. Take a look at this free training to see some of the many other mistakes I’ve made on my weight loss journey. And how you can remedy the situation (if you’re struggling too).


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