1 Minute With Naomi: The 3 Key Differences Between Losing Weight and What it Takes to Keep it Off

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Today, let’s talk about the 3 key differences between losing weight and what it takes to keep it off.




When anybody finds out that I lost 150 pounds and kept it off for 8 years now, the immediate question is, “How did you lose the weight?” I think it’s funny that no one ever asks, “How have you actually been able to keep it off these last 8 years?” because the two questions are different and have vastly different answers. So, let’s go over those.




When it comes to food, for instance, both maintaining the weight loss and losing the weight require a lot of mindful self-awareness of what you’re eating.


With weight loss, it includes restriction and experimenting with your diet and what you eat and how much of it.


When it comes to maintenance, you are eating more moderately, you’ve maybe re-introduced some of your “no-no” trigger foods back in, and you’re experimenting. Once again, you’re saying, “Is this working for me? Is this not?”




When it comes to exercise, both require consistency no matter what your goal is.


Now, if you’re wanting to lose weight, the emphasis may be a little bit more on the cardio aspect, getting your heart rate up, increasing your metabolism that way.


For maintenance, it may look like you’re doing more of a variety of things and maybe you have goals for yourself to work towards to keep the consistency alive for exercise when you’re at that point.


Energy & Focus:


Now when it comes to your energy and your focus just in general, there is a difference.


A lot of people when they’re on their weight loss journey will only focus on physical energy, what it takes to do something, get up and move and do.


When it comes to maintaining, it’s a little bit different. It’s mostly a lot of emotional and mental work, uncovering the deeper reasons of why you overeat, or why it’s such a struggle for you to exercise, or why you react a certain way to things.


The Sweet Spot:


So the best way, the sweet spot, the smart way to do this if you’re on a weight loss journey, is to focus on a little bit of both categories (a little bit of the weight loss category and a little bit of the maintenance category), because you will find it extremely difficult to transition from the weight loss to the maintenance if you aren’t already implementing some of the maintenance into your normal weight loss routine.


Maybe you want to practice moderation for a few weeks while you’re on your weight loss journey.


Maybe you want to add some variety in and experiment and set different fitness goals for yourself.


Maybe you actually want to take the time to examine the mental and emotional component of your weight loss journey instead of just the physical.


That would be my best advice to you on this journey.



Remember: You can be one of those people who pull it off this year. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like YOU to inspire transformation!



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