1 Minute With Naomi: 5 Fascinating Reasons Food Honesty Can Help You Lose Weight

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Today, let’s talk about 5 fascinating reasons why food honesty will help you on your weight loss journey (and this has nothing to do with calorie counting)!





When it comes to food, I can be a total con artist. I come up with all kinds of lies that I tell myself about how much I’m eating and what I’m eating. If I don’t have food honesty, I fall into the trap of over eating. As a result, putting on weight.


So, if you don’t want to do that, here are five ways that logging your food (having some food honesty) will help you out:



1. It Helps You Stop Patterns in Your Eating Behavior.


It’s going to help you see:

  • when you’re eating when you’re not even hungry
  • when you’re eating out of boredom
  • what your trigger foods are
  • emotional eating


This right here is going to be the key to long-term success because you’ll be able to spot those patterns and change it.



2. It Helps You Spot How Your Friends and Family Influence Your Food Choices.


You may find yourself:

  • giving into peer pressure
  • making excuses for “special occasions” all the time
  • becoming more mindless because you want to eat what your friend is eating without thinking about the consequences



3. It Helps You See How Much You’re Eating.


Much like me, I was lying to myself a little bit. We honestly over-guess how well we’re doing, and how less we’re eating.


There was a study done at Cornell University where they video taped people eating bread in a restaurant. When they were asked after the experiment who much bread they thought they ate, they always guessed they ate about 28% less than what they actually ate. So, logging those foods are important!



4. It’s Going to Help You Spot Patterns in Your Allergies (How Food Makes You Feel).


You may not even be aware of what foods are causing bloat, gas, heartburn, making you feel grumpy, or providing you with energy.


If you have that food honesty by keeping track of what you’re eating, you can pinpoint what foods are doing what to you—and then cut those out or add more of those foods in.



5. Do Your Perceptions of What You Eat Match Your Reality (Calling Yourself Out on Your Own B.S.).


You may think that you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but if you look at the insights that are found on many food tracking apps, you might see that you’re probably drinking a lot of alcohol, you’re probably going to fast food a lot. The fruits and veggies are really low on the totem pole in a lot of cases. So, that’s why having that food honesty is important!


If you want to work on this, I highly suggest downloading a food tracking app like Lose It! (which is my favorite—I’ve used it for 8 years now) or MyFitnessPal (which happens to be most people favorite app).


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Remember: You can absolutely be one of those people who pull it off this year. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like YOU to inspire transformation!



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