1 Minute With Naomi: 5 Things You Can Do Instead of Hitting the Vending Machine

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Today, let’s talk about five things you can do instead of hitting the vending machine.




It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself sitting across from a vending machine. I was cramming for a biology exam. I felt like those Boston baked beans were calling my name.


I felt like they were going to alleviate some of the overwhelm and stress I was feeling. They were going to give me an energy boost and offer procrastination away from what I actually had to do. I know I’m not alone in this. I know that many of you struggle with this for a variety of reasons and want to get away from the Siren call of the vending machine.


First of all, what you have to understand is: What do you want to feel in this moment?


What is that feeling that you’re searching for and hoping that the vending machine will provide for you?


For me, it was stress relief, energy boost, and a little bit of procrastination. It’s going to be different for everybody. Does it provide a sense of calm? Does it give you a mental energy boost? Maybe it helps with focus and clarity. Is it providing variety in your life? Is it instant gratification? Is it avoiding something (procrastinating)?


Whatever the case may be, one of these five tips will help you:


Focus in Chunks:


So the first one is, if you are having a hard time focusing and you feel like you are energy zapped, it might be that you need to start focusing your time in chunks.


So if you’re in school or work (or doing stuff around the house that needs to get done), but you’re procrastinating (or you’re half-assing it), you need to focus your time in chunks, whether that’s 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and then allow yourself a break after that. Going into it all-or-nothing with whatever you’re doing will create that drain you feel. You want that sugar rush to boost your energy and mood.




The second thing you can do if you’re looking for instant gratification, maybe you’re bored at work, let’s be honest. Play Tetris. Get it out either on your iPhone or your computer.


That provides the dopamine rush that some of us are looking to provide with food.


Eat Your Own Snacks:


The third thing you can do, should be a no-brainer. If you’re actually hungry and you do need an energy boost, choose your own snacks. Bring your own snack at all times. Have something with you so that you can fulfill that need without going to the vending machine.


Change it Up:


The fourth thing, choose a creative outlet. Change your environment and focus on something else other than what you’re doing right now. So if you’re stuck at work, get up and do something else. Talk to a co-worker if you’re stuck at your desk. If you’re stuck at school, focus on a different subject, or go talk to somebody, or go for that walk.


Changing things up helps alleviate some of the stress that you’re feeling, and that need to have variety. It helps with the need for energy (once again), because you’re feeling drained or consumed. The world is weighing down on you because of this one thing. Change the environment.


Emotional Intelligence:


Lastly, number five. Work on emotional intelligence. I have something called the “Stop A Binge Map” in my 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program and solo course.


And this map starts out with addressing the “I feel” statement. How do you feel? Example: I feel drained. I feel worthless. I feel trapped. Whatever you’re feeling, write that down.


Then address “how” you’re feeling. Is it manifesting itself in a headache? Is it fatigue? Is it boredom? Write all those things down.


And then focus on the scenarios that might be leading up to that. Did someone say something? Did something not go your way?


And then write down the deeper emotions you’re feeling. So, if you said, I feel bad, what does that really look like? Does that look like your workload? Does that look like you are worried about financial stuff that’s going on at home? Are you scared about a family members’ health condition? Write that down.


Then consider, what’s lacking in your life right now? What do you feel if this “one thing” was in your life right now you would feel better without having to go to the vending machine?


That will help you come up with a solution and an action that you can take. I know all that seems thorough. But with practice, it gets quicker and easier.


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Remember: You can be one of those people who pull it off this year. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like YOU to inspire transformation!



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