1 Minute With Naomi: Why Your Actions Mean More Than How Much You Know About Healthy Eating And Exercise

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Today, I want to talk about why your actions mean so much more than what you know about healthy eating and exercise.


So many of us already know how to eat healthfully and how to exercise for weight loss or optimal health. But we don’t do it because it feels really hard.






I have a friend who happens to be overweight who goes through this this same struggle as well. She exerts so much mental and emotional energy in overthinking and worrying about eating well and exercising.


But when it comes down to it, it’s hard for her to do those things because she’s already expended so much energy just in thinking about it.


So many of us do that. So, that’s one reason why just knowing about it isn’t going to be as good as taking actions towards it.


You stay stuck and it feels hard forever the longer you THINK and WORRY about it, instead of actually doing SOMETHING to make some sort of progress.


Certain mindsets fall into this trap. Those detrimental mindsets that praise perfection, have a strong fear of failure, and try to maximize and get the best out of everything. These mindsets are detrimental to your success on your weight loss and health journey. Unfortunately, many of us fall into these traps.


Action offers experience.


That experience cannot be found in the books you read, the videos you watch, the podcasts you listen to, or the online articles you find.


NOTHING compares to YOUR experience through doing the actions.


I say this because you find YOUR perfect path—your optimal path—by actually doing it. You turn your unique perspective of the world, your feelings, and even your excuses that come up into what works for YOU.


I can tell you 24/7 what my experience has been with weight loss, but it’s not going to be exactly the same for you. Until you start taking the actions and facing your fear of failure, you start not being perfect, and you give up the idea that you’re going to be able to maximize and find the best way to do everything… it comes from your experience of DOING.



If you need a little bit of help with getting into the flow of doing things, that’s where my 8 Great Ways To Lose Weight Solo Course comes in. I offer Action Plan Fun Sheets (which are workbooks) that go along with my modules. Every week, you have a brand new one to work on and work through your experience and start taking very real action and documenting it to see what works and what doesn’t. I go over these detrimental mindsets that are holding you back.


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Remember: You can be one of those people who pull it off this year. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like YOU to inspire transformation!



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