1 Minute With Naomi: How to Eat What You Want and Lose Weight

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Today, let’s talk about how you can eat what you want and still lose weight.




Being a long-term weight loss maintainer, people are sometimes surprised by the fact that I eat pizza, ice cream and donuts.


There is no denying the fact that when I was on my weight loss journey, I did have to change up a lot of what I was eating in order to lose 150 pounds in 11 months. But, I still ate a lot of the same foods that I wanted to eat because I ate within a certain calorie range.


The information I’m about to give you has a prerequisite:


1. First of all, you have to know how to cook. You have to be cooking for yourself. That’s important because it’s going to help you know what’s in your food. But, it’s also going to help you save money.


2. Another prerequisite would be planning ahead really helps with eating what you want to eat and still losing weight.


How to eat what you want and lose weight:


1. I Practice Volumemetrics.

This is eating the same quantity of food; it’s filling up that plate but maybe it’s having a lot more broccoli and a lot less beef in your broccoli and beef.


It’s swapping out the higher calorie foods for the lower calorie foods in your dish. It’s promoting fullness. On those days where you’re extra hungry or you’re starving, you can eat anything and everything; this is going to be perfect for those days.


2. I “Healthify” My Recipes.

This is a bit like volumemetrics except it’s a bit more creative. Instead of having more of a low calorie food in my meals and less of a higher calorie food, I swapped out ingredients completely.


So, with baking, obviously, a lot of people will swap out the oil for applesauce instead. That’s an example of that. Or putting in more vegetables into your casserole.


3. Embracing and Planning for Those Higher Calorie Days.

This is where you can eat what you want, right? Most people call these “cheat days.” Don’t even get me started on cheat days, okay? I hate the word “cheat day.”


But, this is the higher calorie day. You will have these maybe once a week, once every few weeks, where it boosts your metabolism for up to about 30% for about 24 hours after eat that higher calorie meal. This is excellent for your athletic performance for those of you who are actually working out on your weight loss journey.


A caveat: don’t settle for yuck on these days. Go after what you actually want, okay?


4. Changing Your Attitude and Mindset About Healthy Eating.

First of all, you have to embrace the idea that there are no good or bad foods. They’re all just foods, they’re all just fuel for your body. Accept that.


And, then you want to learn everything that you can about the foods that you’re trying to like. So if you don’t like fish (like I used hate fish my entire life until I started my weight loss journey), become an expert on it. Become a connoisseur of it so that when it comes to eating it, you actually find it a little bit more pleasurable.


Also, maybe treat your eating experience, like you’re sipping wine. Taste it, slow down and savor it. Be very mindful of it.


Another idea is that a lot of these foods that you probably hate are in some fancy ass recipes. So, this is very pleasurable. This is a fine dining experience.


5. Practice Moaning When You’re Eating.

Go, “mmmmmmmmmm”… make those sex sounds when you’re eating because the sounds of pleasure increase your perceived satisfaction and pleasure of the meal and what you’re eating. So, you turn something healthy and something that you thought you didn’t like into something that is very pleasurable by doing that.


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Remember: You can be one of those people who pull it off this year. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like YOU to inspire transformation!



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