1 Minute With Naomi: How To Love Your Body Even Though It’s Not Perfect


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Today we’re going to talk about how to love your body even though it’s not perfect. This is something that I struggled with after I lost 150 pounds. I still didn’t love the body that I was in after going through the process of dropping that weight.


So, here’s how you CAN learn to love your body even though it’s not perfect (and it probably won’t ever be perfect):




First you need to focus on your ability—what your body can do for you. You need to focus on that over how it looks. If you think about it, we fall in love with someone—not because of their looks (most of us anyway). We fall in love because of who they are as a person. That includes their personality, their interests, their skills, their life experiences… all that stuff.


The same is true of our bodies. We need to fall in love with our experiences of our bodies and not the LOOKS of our bodies.  Otherwise, we’re probably going to be a little let down and unsatisfied, like a lot of people are when they fall in love with someone just for their looks.


So, if we’re focusing on ability, you have to understand that physical activity and exercise is going to be crucial to that. If you’ve never exercised (or if you hate exercising) you’re not going to know what your body is capable of. You’re not going to find a way to like what your body can do it you’re not even sure what it can do.


So, those of us who do yoga and push ourselves through stretching processes where we actually do crazy headstands. Or running… Running marathons. Or body building and seeing how strong we can get. Those of us who do things like that can appreciate our bodies more because we see what it’s capable of.


You also have to understand that if you don’t love your body and you’re not taking care of it, that’s a symptom of something bigger than “oh, your body doesn’t look very good.” It’s a self-worth issue. You may feel like you don’t deserve to take care of yourself. You don’t deserve to have the body that you have. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s most likely true.


If you want to work on this deeper issue, I recommend doing some sort of self-love and self-compassion practice. There are a lot of different self-help books and programs out there to help you with this. Speaking of programs, Discovery Dyet (one of my programs) does focus a lot on building self-compassion and self-love from the framework of weight loss and getting healthier. If that’s something you’re struggling with, by all means check out Discovery Dyet.


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Remember: You can be one of those people who pull it off this year. You can. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like YOU to inspire transformation!




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