1 Minute With Naomi: How To Make It Through Problems Without Giving Up


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This week’s video is something we all could use a schooling in… especially after the election results we just witnessed and the uproar and outcry of anger so many are going through. Here’s how you keep going, even when things aren’t going the way you had your heart set on. 

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Shit happens. Now what?:   

1. Grieve the loss: You don’t have to have a loved one die to experience loss. It takes on many forms. Anytime something happens to drastically change your life, it can feel like a loss. You’re allowed to feel sad, resentful, angry and hurt. Don’t just brush it under the rug like it didn’t happen. You’ll only experience that feeling later and often it will be accompanied with a lot of guilt and shame. So, feel those feelings now.

2. Ask yourself questions: To start shifting your focus (and mood), you need to start asking yourself questions. Chances are good, there won’t be someone in your life who’s going to ask you these questions, so you need to pull out your internal therapist and ask them yourself. Some good ones: “What good can come from this?”, “How can I use this?”, “How can I make this an adventure?”, and my favorite, “How is this making me more durable for the life I said I wanted?”

3. Answer your question: That means, you’re the outsider looking in on your life. What do they see that you don’t? It’s easy to be blinded by the pain that you can’t see what’s in front of you. But eventually you will…. whether its now or five years from now. Asking and answering questions about the event will help you form that objectivity that is essential for clarity in dark situations. Your answer to the question might be a little negative at first. That’s normal. You’re in the process of retraining how you think and react. So, be gentle with yourself. 

4. Take positive action: After you’ve found a positive answer to your problem, then take action on it. You now have something you can work towards to make the situation better, so why sabotage it all by comforting yourself with food, alcohol, and Netflix? Now, you can start again with somewhat refreshed energy. Sometimes, it takes tragedies to create a new sense of being… so know that.




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