1 Minute With Naomi: Are the Sacrifices Worth the Result?

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Today let’s talk about if the sacrifices worth the result or the reward?





Anytime that we’re going through something difficult and challenging, we always find ourselves asking, “Is this all really worth it?”


Now, sacrifice is defined as giving up something that you value for the sake of something else we regard as more important or worthy.


A lot of people complain about various different things they have to give up in order to lose weight. That includes soda, fast food, sitting at home, time with their family, and even sleep…  just to make weight loss happen.


Now, this is very shocking and surprising to me because, as a long-term weight loss maintainer, I reflect from time to time on my journey, and I didn’t give up any of these things to lose the 150 pounds in 11 months.


Instead, I learned to work those things around my new, healthy lifestyle. Losing weight isn’t about sacrifice. It is not about trading pleasures for an end result.


It’s more about changing WHAT you value, what you find valuable instead. And then it becomes…like…it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice anymore. You learn to appreciate what you’re doing, one by one, behavior by behavior and it doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.


You don’t have to give up fast food completely for the rest of your life. You just change the consistency in which you eat it.


You don’t have to give up time with your family. You can incorporate them into your activities and into your workouts.


And you certainly don’t have to give up sleep! I know I got a solid 8 to 9-hours of sleep every night because otherwise, I was a zombie.


You have to find the pleasure in the activities that you have to do to lose the weight and work your lifestyle and values around that. You don’t have to give up what you hold valuable in order to make this work.


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