1 Minute With Naomi: Are You A Sugar Addict?


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Today let’s talk about: Am I a sugar addict? Dun dun dun… are YOU a sugar addict?




It’s no secret that I used to believe that I was a sugar addict after I lost 150 pounds. I went through strong sugar cravings. I even went to Overeater’s Anonymous because of this, and they labeled me as a “sugar addict.” They told me I should cut sugar out of my life forever.


But here’s what you need to know:

Compulsions happen for a reason. When you feel compelled to have sugar, it’s usually because you feel like it’s being denied from you. It’s the belief that you have—whether it’s actual being denied or if it’s just a feeling that you have.


If you believe that you are not allowed to have something (and everybody else gets to have it—so it’s kind of unfair), of course you’re going to feel more compelled to want to have it. That was definitely the case for me.


So, here’s what you could try:


Cut sugar out of your life for 7-14 days to break the addictive high that it gives you (the dopamine rush). And then bring it back in. Introduce it back in in moderation—little by little. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar. Any kind will do. The “healthy” kind or the “unhealthy” kind. And then see what happens.


Believing that sugar is bad is like believing you’re a bad person when you consume it.


If you think back probably to the 90’s when we believed fat was bad, well guess what happened? We thought fat was bad—therefore fat PEOPLE are bad, right?


Fat people used to be idolized. They used to be the epitome of health and success and wealth. And then they because a bad person when fat was demonized. The same is true of sugar. When you feel like sugar is bad– and you consume it—somewhere inside you, you believe that you’re a bad person. It gets re-emphasized every time that you eat it.


1. Give up the idea (first of all) that sugar is bad.


2. Give up the sugar-addict label you have for yourself. Because when you call yourself a “sugar addict” that essentially means you have to control over it. It’s always going to have control over you and you’re going to be hopeless. But that’s not the case! Anytime that you attach that label though, forget about it.


Sugar does excite. It does. It does have that dopamine rush to it. But when we treat something like a drug, it’s going to have a drug-like effect. So, keep that in mind.


3. Once again, WILLINGLY give up sugar for 7-14 days, but don’t do it for weight loss. That’s the key. If you’re giving up sugar for weight loss, forget about it.


Just give it up because you’re tired of the control it has over you. And then reintroduce it in slowly… in ANY form. And I mean SLOWLY—I don’t mean bring in pounds of sugar into your home. And see how it goes from there—see how your relationship is with it.


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