1 Minute With Naomi: The 1 Thing That Has Helped Me Sustain My Weight Loss For The Last 7 Years


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This week's edition of 1 Minute With Naomi is about the number one thing that's helped me time and time again on my journey to maintaining my 125-pound weight loss. It's not what you think it is!


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Do you have what it takes? 

It doesn't take much. Really. It just requires you to get up from every mistake you make and every setback that comes your way.

Every single one of us messes up. 

We eat a little too much pizza at the kid's birthday party. We drink a little too much on our birthday. We skip the gym for an entire week. 

It happens! 

Instead of dwelling in how awful you think you are, focus your intention on WHAT'S NEXT?

You've got to become more resilient. You can be upset with yourself, but you have to keep pushing forward more often then sitting in a puddle of your own waste. Ewww gross. 

I know that for a lot of us, pity parties are comfortable.

It makes us feel just a little bit better because it takes the pressure off of having to actually follow through and prove to ourselves (and others) that we do indeed have what it takes. 

All of a sudden, we're capable and with that comes more responsibility and challenge. 

But it's worth it. Trust me. Be resilient and follow through. 

No matter how long it takes you. No matter how many times you have to keep getting back up. It's worth it. 




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