1 Minute With Naomi: Are you Uncomfortable Enough Yet?



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In this week’s video, I discuss why so many of us fail at starting a diet or making it stick. As humans, we’re more likely to do something to avoid pain instead of moving toward something we know will bring us pleasure. Watch the video to hear more:


Do you need to hit your rock bottom before you are able to change?

Sometimes, we see other people out there changing their lives drastically (for the better) and we can’t help but be inspired by their dedication and how happy they seem to be now.

It makes us realize that our lives aren’t exactly how we would like them to be. Our health might be declining and our lives may be really boring and routine, but it hasn’t all become so damn bad that we are crying ourselves to sleep each night.

Changing your weight and transforming your life requires more dedication than most people are willing to take because their lives are still pretty comfortable. Sure, they don’t like what they see in the mirror and they don’t like being low-energy, but it’s easier to live that way (for them) than to start a fitness routine for 30 minutes each day, cook healthy meals (instead of fast food), and deal with their emotional issues. The old routine is comfortable and predictable. It’s mindless.

I’m not going to lie, it is hard. It does require a lot of effort in the beginning. After awhile, it’s easier if you allow yourself to change instead of fighting it. It requires a commitment to yourself and knowing that you’re life is worth it.

Do you feel like your life is worth it? Or are you comfortable in the discomfort?


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