1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: The Best Time To Eat For Sustained Weight Loss


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This week's edition of 1 Minute With Naomi is about the best time of day to eat for YOUR sustained weight loss. You've read plenty of articles (backed up by science) that give certain times of the day that are best… here's my take. 


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So, when should you be eating? 

First of all, listen to your body. Is your tummy growling? That's a sign that shouldn't be ignored. If you're fatigued and cranky… that doesn't mean push through it… but it also doesn't mean you should go for a Snickers bar. 

If you're following a diet that wants you to eat every 3 hours, but you feel like you're always eating (even when you're not hungry) and you're starting to feel bloated– that's not for you. If you're fasting but you feel like you're going to die… that's not for you. 

Sure, you have to play around a little bit to figure out what works best for YOU, but when you find that sweet spot, that's what's going to work for you long-term. And that's the point– long-term. Not a fast weight loss with a quick regain. 

If there's one thing I know to be true, when we're following someone else's magic number rules, we're doomed to fail. We will rebel. We will feel like screw-ups. BUT when we make our own rules and trust ourselves, that's power. 

Consider your daily schedule and when you have time to eat… not oddball times of the day that are supposed to be ideal. Strive to listen more to what YOU need instead of striving to fit into someone else's plan. 





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