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In this video, I briefly discuss how binge eating tends to make a person feel, my own history with food addiction/binge eating and one way that has helped me overcoming this nasty disorder over the last couple of years.

Keep in mind, I am NOT a medical professional. If you feel your life is in danger due to an eating disorder, PLEASE seek help from a professional! I am merely a guide on your health journey.

With that being said, watch the video here:



Other ways that have been helpful for many people (myself included) to deal with their eating disorders include:

  • seeking psychiatric guidance and therapy.
  • following a relaxed, healthy nutrition plan instead of one that is rigid.
  • practicing more flexible thinking in all aspects of life.
  • practicing patience.
  • volunteer work of any kind.
  • eating your "secret" foods in the company of others.
  • starting fresh the next day– not carrying the baggage of guilt & shame around.
  • spend more time being un-perfect, and embracing it.
  • think of setbacks and problems as adventures instead of danger, frustration and doom.


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