1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: Can you help me?



Welcome to 1 Minute With Naomi!

In today’s video, I briefly discuss a question I get asked all of the time: “Can you help me?”

We ALL need help in various different aspects of our lives. We need guidance and assistance through the tough stages of anything!

However, I am merely a guide… a teacher… and a coach… I cannot do the hard work for you.

Have you heard of the “Prince Charming syndrome”?

So, many of us suffer from this way of thinking. I know this to be true because I used to be one of these people! I longed for someone to take care of me.

It’s not a ridiculous thought at all! However, that’s not how life really is… and you’ll be waiting a long time.

So, can I help you?

That depends on you and your commitment to yourself! Are you ready to help yourself along with the help from me?

Want to test run what a health coaching session is like with me? Here’s a webinar replay from 8 Great Ways to Lose Weight. Check it out! It’s kind of like a generic health coaching session… for free!

If you want to watch more videos in this 1 Minute With Naomi series, check them out here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfG-KK6xTswe1gKdHDKdYrq6i0HELVfEJ

As always, the comment section is burning to know what’s on your mind! So, I encourage you to share your thoughts! Do you recognize yourself having the “Prince Charming syndrome”?

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