1 Minute With Naomi: Have Habits You Wish You Could Just Erase?


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This week's edition of 1 Minute With Naomi is about erasing bad habits that continue to set us back on our weight loss journey. How do we do it?  

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So, how do we do this? 

1. Find something to replace the bad habit with! You can't just try to eliminate a bad habit. We'll come up against a lot more resistance trying to do this because many of our habits we've had our entire lives (or at least a pretty long time). Eating dessert in the evening is one of those things for many people. If you've ALWAYS ate dessert after dinner, you can't just expect to cut it out completely (or at least not right away). Try eating different things for dessert that are healthier options for you. Also examine what "dessert" means to you. Is it just to satisfy a craving for sweets or is it an experience you have with your family? If it's more of an experience, could you focus more on shifting away from eating dessert and more towards spending that 30-60 minutes with your family doing something engaging like going for an evening stroll in your neighborhood or playing board games? Get as creative as you need to when replacing habits!  

2. Two things that are going to make your habits stick: Your attitude and frequency. You have to enjoy what you're doing and you have to keep doing it (that's how the bad habit was form, too). It's that simple. At first, you will come up against resistance in building your new, healthier habits. They won't feel as good as your old ones. It doesn't mean it's not meant for you– it just means you have to expand your mind a little more. How can you appreciate your new habit more? How can you look at it as a good thing (rather than restriction)? You must find something (anything) about it that you can find pleasure in. And… you've got to keep doing it. Now, that doesn't mean be perfect at it. It doesn't mean doing it 365 days out of the year. It means continuing to reinforce the new habit more and more than the old habit. The more we reinforce something, the more we gravitate towards it. 


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