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Welcome to 1 Minute With Naomi!

If you're reading this blog post right now– you're an Information Seeker!

There's absolutely NOTHING WRONG with that UNLESS you allow it to stand in the way of taking action! Watch this week's 1 Minute With Naomi video to find out more!


We all love information and how it can make our lives better and prevent us from making a lot of mistakes and wasting time!

However, so many of us get caught up in devouring information that it honestly feels like we are taking action just by constantly searching Google, watching Youtube videos, "Facebooking", reading all of the latest diet books, listening to podcasts, reading newsletters, etc.

None of these forms of information are bad. It's all in how we use them (or don't use them).

Many of us are guilty (myself included) of seeking out information as a form of active procrastination. We do this for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • It makes us uncomfortable to take an action that we're not used to. So we wait it out.
  • We're waiting for the perfect information for us because we don't want to waste our time trying to figure it out on our own.
  • We're confused (and maybe scared) by all of the conflicting information so we're looking for patterns to see if one set of information is more dominant than another.
  • We don't trust ourselves enough and don't know how to listen to our bodies for what's really right for us– so we hope someone else has the answers (and knows us better than we know ourselves).


What can you do to break this cycle?

Start right where you're at. Take 1 action that seems best for you. Do that action every day.

That action can be preparing lunches for yourself instead of going out to eat every day.

It could be making a point to go for a 30-minute evening walk every night.

It might be waking up and hour earlier so that you have time to make a breakfast and/or do some sort of exercise.

This is no right or perfect answer. As Nike demands: Just do it.


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