1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: How Your Mindset Influences Your Weight Loss Success

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This week's edition of 1 Minute With Naomi is all about mindset. Most people think weight loss is just about eating less and exercising more… they don't realize how crucial the mindset is to sustained weight loss success (and happiness in general).

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Which mindset do you think you have?

Obviously, this is a very short and general look at two different mindsets. If you want to explore this topic further, check out my article "The Perfectionism Shift: Developing An Adventure Attitude".

Even better, read Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck.

Mindset absolutely shapes how happy we are with our lives and how we treat ourselves when we fail at a diet or give up on a workout program.

Without a doubt, the number one issue I see with the mindset of my clients and program members is the all-or-nothing, fixed mindset.

It's something I lived with for most of my life, too.

It's this type of mindset that continually led me to beat myself up after every failure I had. That takes it's toll on you after awhile.

You have a choice in how you see yourself, your weight loss journey, and everything in life.




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