1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: Our Actions Cast a Vote for What We Want


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We're all guilty of getting bent out of shape about things being "unfair" or feeling frustrated that the media takes advantage of our emotions by continuing to show us unrealistic images of "beauty" or lifestyles that are so glamorous we become envious. Here's my take on how we could better handle this situation and increase our happiness in the process.

What have you been voting for?

You do have the ability to change the kind of crap you see, hear and consume on a daily basis. It might not be an immediate change, but the media gives us what we respond to. We have the RESPONSIBILITY to choose wisely and not place the blame on companies that are only giving us what we say "YES" to.

Are you guilty of reading the latest "shocking" gossip or political junk?

Are you guilty of purchasing the newest fashion or fitness magazine with the airbrushed model on the cover?

Are you numbing out your life by watching reality television every night?

Are you placing the latest chemical creation some big company is calling "food" into your shopping cart?

Are you making the decision to purchase weight loss drugs because you're hoping for a "quick fix"?

Are you going through the fast food drive thru because you didn't prepare a healthy meal for yourself or didn't consider healthy convenience food options?


It's hard to own up to the role we all play in this big mess. But once we recognize that we had a part in it, then we can become more empowered to stand up for ourselves and take the responsibility for our own health and happiness!


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