1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: Saying NO Instead of Always Saying YES

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In this video, I discuss a topic that ALWAYS comes up with my health coaching clients.

With that being said, watch the video here:

You may be surprised by this, but most of the time, people will accept your refusal as readily as they will accept your “yes”. Most people understand that sometimes you’ve just got to say no.

When you spend all of your time pleasing others by giving them your time, your energy, and just being generous in general… BUT not giving yourself that same kind of generosity, you’re really saying to yourself that you’re not worthy of feeling good and you don’t deserve happiness.

You can be generous and kind with others, but you must know your limitations! When you can’t set boundaries with people, you will tend to slip into stress-mode. And guess what stress does to your health? Nothing good. It will send you right back to your bad habits and behaviors.

You CAN be KIND to others and yourself at the same time. But you must pick your battles and set those boundaries!


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