1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: How To Snack At Night Without Ruining Your Progress


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This week's edition of 1 Minute With Naomi is all about feeding those inner snacky urges you have in the evening WITHOUT ruining your weight loss progress. Doesn't seem possible? Think again.

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Is night time snacking a problem for you? 

It happens to the best of us. Most of the time, when it happens to me, I just go to bed a little earlier. Truth be told– usually night time snacking isn't hunger. It's usually due to boredom or loneliness. So it makes sense to just go to sleep. Sleep renews you for the next day of good choices. 

However– if you're staying up late to be able to spend time with your partner or you're doing real work, you can't really just hit the sack every time you feel like snacking. 

Most health advocates will try to give you healthy snacking options: crunch on carrots and celery sticks, eat frozen grapes, or drink more water. That's totally fine if you want to go that route. But often those types of foods are so unsatisfying that you'll just end up eating something "bad" anyway. 

Another route that many people will tell you to do is to just stay busy. Paint your fingernails, brush your teeth, take a bath, knit, scrapbook… just stay busy. But what if you're already busy? What if that is the reason you're awake at midnight? 

Sometimes when there is a large gap of time between the time you have dinner and the time you go to sleep, you may actually be genuinely hungry. Shocker, I know. This isn't the time to deny yourself food. 

Think about it: you might eat breakfast sometime between 6-9am, eat lunch between 11-2pm, and dinner between 4-7pm… typically. There's about 4-6 hours of a time gap between meals. And let's be honest, you've probably had a snack between those meals, too. 

So, it's no wonder you're hungry at night between dinner and bedtime (if you eat dinner ealry and go to sleep really late). 

If you know for a fact that you plan to stay awake late into the evening– plan ahead. Cut your dinner in half immediately. Put half of it away to eat for a snack a few hours later. Eat the other half for dinner. If you've loaded up your dinner with enough green vegetables and lean proteins, you should have enough food in the half-size portion to satisfy you for a few hours until the snacky urge hits. 

For many, this is hard to do only because they have an all-or-nothing mindset. They have to eat it all right away or have nothing at all. From my experience as a health coach and a recovering all-or-nothing thinker, most folks who want to lose weight have this type of destructive mindset. 

Once you acknowledge you have it and it's an issue for you, you can start working on practicing cutting your dinner in half and storing the rest for later. It takes practice. It will nag at you at first. You will want to go back for the second half portion immediately because you won't feel "right" until it's all devoured right away. You will fail at this a few times. You have to keep trying. 

Practice taking your time eating that first half portion at dinner time. Listen to your body's physical cues. It's likely more than satisfied with that half portion. One way to know you've ate enough (and not too much): you should feel very comfortable with going for a walk around your neighborhood after dinner. Your tummy should not be bloated and uncomfortable. 

If your mind keeps nagging at you about the second half you have stored away for later, reassure yourself that you WILL eat it in a few hours. You WILL get it shortly. Just not right now. 

Here's the key to this working: You MUST eat that second portion before you go to bed. Never skip it. When you skip it, you're not keeping that promise to yourself about being able to eat it later. It continues that all-or-nothing loop. 

This is a chance to practice moderation. It's hard for most folks. But with practice, it becomes more natural– you just have to keep trying. 

Oh, and that whole thing about "you shouldn't eat before going to sleep"ignore that shit. People who say that have never met you, don't know your body, don't know your lifestyle, and honestly want to keep you in the loop of not trusting yourself. 

You got this. 



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