1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: Successful Goal Setting


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This week's edition of 1 Minute With Naomi is all about setting SUCCESSFUL weight loss goals.  Watch the video here:  

Are you even setting goals?

When you've lived the majority of your life one way (eating unhealthfully and inactive), it can be hard to break that pattern unless you set a goal for yourself. Goals give you motivation to try harder. Sure, healthy living should be natural and shouldn't honestly require a goal… but when you've lived your entire life unhealthfully (like I did), you will fail at weight loss unless you have a firm goal.   

What should be included in your goal setting process:

1. Deadline: You've got to know what kind of progress you want to make towards your goal. This gives you a little push. It should be a REALISTIC deadline though– so you don't stress yourself out unnecessarily. 

2. Mini goals (or stepping stones): Just having a big goal isn't good enough. Many folks need to be rewarded a long the way to keep the momentum going. Set 10 pound mini goals along the way and give yourself a small (non-food) reward for continuing on your journey. Or sign up for athletic events or cooking classes to reinforce your new healthy habits. 

3. Look out for excuses: When you REALLY want something, you'll drop the excuses. Point blank. We all have excuses, reasons, barriers that COULD hold us back. Some of them are valid and some of them are dumb. Both are excuses. I'm not trying to be harsh– I'm trying to be real. You have to anticipate what's going to come up to make you say, "Screw it!" You must be a problem-solver before the problem comes up. Get real with yourself. Don't think about what your "ideal self" is capable of– think about what you're capable of right now and the common excuses you already make. Example: I know I will almost never workout in front of a television in my home. I'm kidding myself every time I purchase a workout DVD. If I'm being honest with myself, I know that I need to workout in a gym (or in my basement gym). What lies are you telling yourself that keeps holding you back?    



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