1 Minute With Naomi: If You Suck At New Year Resolutions, Here Are 3 Healthy Habits To Build Instead


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If you suck at New Year’s resolutions—like most of us do—here are some healthy habits to build instead.



So, focusing on habits is probably going to be one of the smarter things you can do in life. Setting just resolutions every year and then never achieving them is not the way to go. So, if you want to set habits that are actually going to stick and carry through, you need to have a set up like this:


You have to know you’re going to do the work. You’re going to be putting forth the effort. You’re also going to be maximizing your while you’re doing that. NOT the other way around. Don’t flip those. Don’t focus on maximizing your pleasure and then doing the work… Do the work. Know you’re going to have to do it, but make it enjoyable while you’re doing it. That’s the first step to building these habits.


So, when it comes to eating this year, what are you going to do? Well, you know you’re going to have to do the work in some way, right? You’re going to be eating healthier, you’re going to be eating a little bit different.


For a lot of us, that looks like meal prep. We’re going to be preparing out meals. Maybe you have a food service, a meal plan service that you rely on. Or maybe you’re just eating frozen, processed healthier meals once in awhile. That’s absolutely okay!


Maximize the pleasure by focusing on what tastes good to you and ensuring that you actually have something healthy to eat. So, when you get hungry at the end of the night after a long, hard day, you have something… even if it’s that frozen processed meal.


For exercise: You could be going to the gym, working out in the morning or in the evening. Maybe you’re taking classes, maybe you’re working out solo. Maybe you’re focusing on cardio or weights or both. It doesn’t fucking matter. It does not matter.  At all. As long as you’re something.


So, you’re doing the work. You’re showing up. And then you’re maximizing for your pleasure. That’s something you can stick to. Trying to do what’s best or perfect for fat loss or weight loss isn’t going to be long-lasting for you. You need to develop the habit. Focus on the pleasure you’re getting from your exercise. How does it make you feel? Is it making you feel more energetic? Sexy? Strong? Badass? Focus on that.


Lastly, this year you should probably go ahead and limit distractions. Technology is taking over. All of us are sitting in front of our laptops, computers at work, our phones, our tvs, tablets– Oh my gosh—and so much more! We’re not getting anything done anymore. It feels like we are, but we’re no longer doing anything.


When it comes down to being able to tell our grandkids about the wonderful life we had, it’s not going to exist. Because, our existence is in front of technology. So, break away from that a little bit this year. Focus on experiences that you can have that you would be able to tell your grandkids about later on in life.


That’s it. Those are some of the habits you can focus on this year instead of doing those resolutions. If you found yourself nodding your head along with this video and saying, “I can do that,” please hit like. If you thought, “Wow, Naomi really gets me” then please share this video. And if you have your own suggestions and comments on what you can do to build habits instead of doing those resolutions, leave a comment below. Let’s chat about it.


Remember, you can be one of those people who pull it off this year. You absolutely can. Do what you say you’re going to do. The world needs more people like you to inspire transformation.



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