1 Minute With Naomi: Support Systems

1 Minute With Naomi


Welcome to the 2nd edition of 1 Minute With Naomi!

In this video I talk about why support systems are important. Keep in mind, this is VERY brief. I've written at length about support systems in my book Transformative Tactics and in many articles.


With a solid support system,

you can expect positive feedback, cheerleaders, accountability, and so much more. If you find that your support system isn't supportive, it's time to start questioning what you can do to change that! If you surround yourself with discouragers, it's damn near impossible to make change successful. I speak from experience on that!

Your Call to Action: Call out your cheerleaders on Twitter!

Did you know that when I started my weight-loss journey I used my old Twitter account for social accountability and support?


>>> If you want to watch more videos in this series, check them out here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfG-KK6xTswe1gKdHDKdYrq6i0HELVfEJ


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