1 Minute With Naomi: The 3 Keys To Staying On Track With Weight Loss

3 keys to staying on track

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Today, we’re going to talk about the 3 keys to staying on track with your weight loss journey.




The very first key to staying on track with weight loss is developing solid habits. Habits are something that become second nature. The only way they become second nature is through 2 key reasons:


  1. You have a good attitude about it.
  2. You’re frequent (consistent) in your actions.


With those two components, solid habits can be built and that’s going to be one of the biggest keys to your weight loss journey.



The second thing is, you need to get help with your mindset. So many of us only focus on developing the habits for healthy eating and exercise. But what do you do when you have so much negative self-talk going on in your brain? It becomes all-or-nothing thinking: you’ve either done really well or you’ve completely give up. You have to get help with your mindset if you’re going to be successful on your weight loss journey.


Your Why:

The third component (or third key) to losing the weight and staying on track is knowing why you started in the first place. So many of us come into our weight loss journeys basically just wanting to look cute, wanting to look better than we already look. That’s not a good enough reason.


So, if you want to make your reason a little bit stronger—the reason why you’re doing this—so that it WILL motivate you, it need to be:


  1. More specific than “I just want to look cute.”
  2. It has to be more emotional.


So, it need to be something either really painful for you, or something really pleasurable for you. It also needs to be faaaar more specific than “I just want to look cute.”


Those are the 3 ways and my minute is way up!


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