1 Minute With Naomi: Are You Using Food As A Reward?



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In this week's video, I briefly discuss why it's a terrible idea to use food as a reward for working out if you want your weight loss to be without a struggle and long-lasting.

Do you reward yourself with food for working out?

If you want to enjoy fitness, it shouldn't need to be rewarded… especially with food. Fitness is the reward.

If you feel like there needs to be a reward when you're trying to make exercise a habit in your life, don't use food as the reward. Consider purchasing new workout gear or pampering yourself instead. Junk food isn't the answer.

Many disordered eating behaviors also stem from the thought process of using exercise to "work off" bad eating. Spending hours working out can be a painful experience that will create equally painful memories about fitness that makes it harder and harder to embrace exercise as every day activity.

The best thing you can do is find something you ENJOY about working out… even it seems silly. Embrace that as your prize for a job well done.

See what I mean?


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