1 MINUTE WITH NAOMI: What I Did to Lose Weight


Welcome to the third edition of 1 Minute With Naomi!


Obviously, it's hard to tell the whole story in just 1 minute, right?


I get asked ALL OF THE TIME what I did to lose weight. I wish I could give you that easy, magic answer you're looking for. I lost almost 150 pounds with restrictive eating, working out twice a day (most days), and having a job in which I was always on my feet (6-7 hours a day).


After I lost the weight, I burned out big time. I was exhausted a lot. My mindset was rigid and filled with fear. I obsessed about food and working out. I was miserable and unhappy during the first year of my weight loss journey. And I gained about 20 pounds back from binge eating (a bad eating pattern I developed AFTER losing weight). This is the truth.


However, I did build habits that have lasted me over the last 6+ years. I eat better. I know portion control. I know what exercises I like and which I don't (but they challenge me). And I developed a good discipline with myself.


So, there was some good to all of it. But I know that my grit, determination, and fixed mindset at that time is NOT for everyone and it only "works" for a short period of time.


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