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It’s easy to see an unreached goal as a complete and utter failure. I’ve set plenty of goals that I’ve never reached. But it doesn’t mean we don’t stop reaching. Here’s why I think we done reach goals (and it has nothing to do with motivation, willpower, or discipline).

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Why didn’t you reach your big goals this year?:   

1. Was it laziness?: Maybe. We all have days when we don’t feel like doing anything but sitting in front of our television and just numbing out. But sometimes we also get sick and worn-out. That’s not laziness– that’s called being a human. Don’t bully yourself into believing you didn’t reach your goals *just* because you’ve acted lazy.

2. Lack willpower and discipline to follow through?: We all have a limited supply of willpower and discipline each day. Thankfully, after awhile, our actions that once required a lot of discipline become habits and it’s easier to follow through. However, it takes next to zero willpower and discipline to do something when you feel motivated and passionate about it in the first place. So, it may be more of an issue of passion than anything else.  

3. You just failed big time?: The person who doesn’t fail doesn’t try much in life. It’s better to fail than to not try at all. It’s hard to face others and tell them you didn’t reach your goal (that you failed), but it’s not hard having to admit that when the opinion of others doesn’t matter to you. People who continue to keep getting back up and a failure care less and less about other’s judgements. That’s a good thing. 

4. Could it have been a learning lesson? Yes! EVERY failure or unreached goal is a lesson in disguise. Sometimes, we learn that we do more self-sabotaging than we thought. Sometimes, we learn that stress is an issue for us and we need to work on that so it doesn’t interrupt our success. Sometimes, we learn there’s an easier way to reach our goal and we just didn’t see it before. Sometimes, we learn that the goal itself wasn’t even what we wanted and it wasn’t worth the effort (this was the case for me). 

5. What was the value in what DID happen? Take an honest, objective look at what did happen when your goal wasn’t met. Did something else come up that was better? Or maybe something unexpected came up that could have been seen as a problem/tragedy, but it ended up being a far better experience to have than meeting your goal?

Remember, life is about more than accomplishing goals and checking things off your bucket list. For many of us, we get caught up in doing, that we forget to be present with being (experiencing). The end result of accomplishing any worthy goal should be a sense of satisfaction, amazement in one’s self, and maybe a new found passion. You can get all of that during the process of working towards a goal (even if you don’t reach it), as long as you remember to focus on the journey and not just the destination.



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