10 Ways To Have Badass Consistency with Your Workouts


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If you’re new to working out, it’s always exciting and fun in the beginning. The idea of taking your life in your own hands is a crazy amazing feeling. So empowering! But after a few weeks, that initial burst of excitement dies down. You may find yourself less motivated to follow through with your fitness routine that once thrilled you. You might ask yourself, "Why the hell am I still doing this?"

As a health coach (and someone who has maintained a 125 pound weight loss), I can tell you that exercise consistency is important for a variety of reasons. These reasons include: good cardiac health, alleviating symptoms of depression, and reaching your health goals.

When we’ve got badass consistency with our workouts,

the momentum stays high and we’re more likely to reach our fitness goals sooner.


Here are 10 ways to increase your fitness consistency, no matter who you are:


Put your workout on shuffle.

Doing the same old thing all of the time can get boring quickly. Many of us need to switch it up in order to stomp out the dullness. Instead of jumping on the treadmill each morning, try a fitness class at your local gym, lift some weights, do a work out DVD, or simply go for a run outside instead of on the treadmill.

Make if fun.

Many people hate working out because they make it hard. They always push themselves to do the best thing to slim fat fast or get six pack abs. They end of getting burned out pretty quick on these fitness routines and give up. Instead, make the majority of your exercise something you actually like to do. When you enjoy your workouts, you are more likely to stick to them over the long haul.

Find some like-minded fitness friends.

Accountability is crucial to starting out with fitness. Many of us will not follow through if we depend on our own motivation alone. Having a fitness buddy encourages us to show up and do the work. They also add much needed variety to our workout routines, which will help prevent overuse injuries if we tend to do the same old thing all of the time.

Remember your reasons why.

What are the outcomes of reaching your goals by exercising? Lose weight? Decrease the likelihood of disease? What are the deep, heart-felt reasons why you want to achieve your fitness goals? These reasons ought to be things that mean the world to you and be motivating enough to get your ass off the coach.

Find other benefits for getting your sweat on.

If we focus only on the fact that we are exercising in order to “get healthy” or “lose weight”, we may have a hard time staying motivated. Other reasons to be physically active could include: having better skin (from sweating), endorphin rush, being able to see physical improvement, the stress-relief that comes from exercise, or all of the cool ideas that may come up during a run.

Turn up the beat.

Many of us use music as inspiration for our workouts. Choose a new music playlist that you’re excited to hear each time you start your workout. Include tunes that have a high number of beats-per-minute if you want the motivation to move your body faster.

Use the Pact app.

There is an app that will take all of your money if you don’t spend time at the gym. Losing a chunk of change is motivation enough to get our butts to the gym and do the workout we said we would do. This Pact app makes sure that you follow through with hitting up the gym each day that you say that you will…. Or else.

Stop the negative self-talk.

Sometimes we have a difficult time sticking to a workout routine because we think a lot of terrible things about ourselves. This negative self-talk can be anything from “I’m not motivated to exercise” to “What will people think of me when I’m at the gym and overweight?” Negative self-talk ruins our best intentions at change.

Schedule it.

For many of us crazy busy people, we live by a schedule. If it’s not on our calendar, it doesn’t happen. We can develop better consistency with exercise if it’s planned into our schedule at a set time each day. If we’ve made time for it in our planner, then time is no longer an excuse that we can use to skip workouts.

Finally, practice resiliency.

Being consistent does not mean being perfect. There are going to be days when you decide to do something other than stick to your exercise and diet routine, and that’s perfectly fine. Be kind with yourself and pick back up in a day or two. You’re not a failure for taking a day off!


Do you have your own secret to staying consistent with workouts? The comment section is burning to know! Also, share this article with your friends… you never know who it will help!


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