10 Weight Loss Truths From A Girl Who Used To Weigh 300 Pounds

10 weight loss truths

It’s been almost six years since I first lost half of my body size.

It's so hard to believe… Sometimes, it feels just like yesterday that I was looking into the mirror at this 300 pound woman. I guess that's one way I relate so well with my health coaching clients.

A tremendous amount of reflection and self-growth has happened since the day I finally decided to take responsibility for my health. The biggest lesson I learned is that a person doesn’t just lose 125 pounds and keep it off long term without doing the real work. The “real work” consists of the soul-searching truths that come with sustained weight loss.

My weight loss truths are varied and personal to me…

but I know that many, many men and women have experienced these truths for themselves with weight loss or just self-growth.

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