12 Empowering Truths I Learned From Losing 125 Pounds & Keeping It Off



After nearly six years of maintaining a 125+ pound weight loss, I've collected many insights about my health journey that I know others can benefit from, too.

Last year, I wrote about the 25 life lessons I took away from my weight loss experience. This year I want to expand upon twelve of those lessons and offer up further wisdom.

If you wish to read more about these 12 Empowering Truths, you can do so over at Mind Body Green (click here). These truths are similar to what I have recently written for Young & Raw, but most of them are different truths from the list of 25, so you won't be re-reading the same old stuff again.

I hope that you understand these are my own personal opinions and experiences. I am in no way claiming everyone goes through these things or ever will. As a health coach, I recognize every journey is very different! After losing 125 pounds and maintaining it for  six years, I do have some insight on what works, what doesn't, and how life changes after weight loss.




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