12 Ways To Invite Kindness Into Your Life

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Being a human can be a difficult and lonely experience at times. We all endure tragedies, setbacks, sadness, or being too busy to appreciate life. I get it, because I'm a struggling human, too.


Have you ever noticed that those dreadful never-ending days are the ones without much kindness? Everything seems to be going wrong, and everyone is inconsiderate on those days.


Kindness isn't a one-way street. Often, it comes as a karmic result of our spreading generosity first . As it turns out, being kind can transform and heal the crappiest of circumstances.


Giving hugs and smiles, listening to a friend's problems, and offering a helping hand are very common and easy ways to provide a spark of humanity to anyone's day. But here are 12 other ways to invite more kindness into your day: Click here to read them at MindBodyGreen



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