16 Mantras for A Happy, Sustained Weight Loss (and Life)


Seven years ago, I set out on an adventure that radically transformed my life. I took the leap and started my weight loss journey. Over the course of less than a year, I managed to lose 150 pounds.

As anyone will tell you, a weight loss journey is not exactly painless. It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve done. However, I learned many worthwhile lessons during that time in my life, and I carry them into maintaining 125 pounds of that weight loss these last six years. 

I managed to put many of these lessons into short mantras. These are constant reminders to me when circumstances feel out of my control, when I must face resistance, and when I inevitably fail at something.

You can read more about these mantras in my article at Mind Body Green! Click here!

If you consider yourself to be a comfort seeker, perfectionist, people pleaser, all-or-nothing thinker, not good enough, shy, introvert, rule follower, highly structured analytical, inflexible, or too flexible… these are for you.



>> Guess what I did? I made these 16 mantras (plus more) into Mini Mantra Magic cards. These ideal for carrying around in your pocket or purse of tough days. They're also great to keep scattered around your home or given to a good friend. Check them out here!


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One thought on “16 Mantras for A Happy, Sustained Weight Loss (and Life)

  1. These mantra cards are too cute – we bet it feels like a pocketful of goodness and possibilities for the carrier. We have an Intention chalkboard that we use to set weekly intentions – keeps us centered and grounded to the greater vision. “People can wait” rings so true for us right now Thank you for sharing your mantra practice with us, Naomi!

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