3 Reasons Everyone Should Go On A Diet (Hear Me Out)

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As a certified nutritionist and someone who has successfully maintained a whopping 125-pound weight loss for the last six years, I often tell peeps that diets just don’t work. In fact, in my 4-week weight loss program, I expose many reasons why going on a diet isn’t best suited for long-term weight loss success.
Diets aren’t all bad, however. What matters the most is how we choose to use and perceive them. For the majority of us, the term diet tends to conjure up painful feelings of deprivation, restriction, and even starvation. Believe me, those aren’t the reasons why I think we should all jump on the diet bandwagon!
I spent many years of my life jumping from one crazy fad diet to the next. So, I fully recognize that the dieter’s mindset is one of frustration and rigid rule-following, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some legit reasons why I believe everyone should go on a diet (regardless of your weight loss goals): Click here to read these reasons over at Mind Body Green.
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