3 Simple Ways I Reduced Stress On My Weight Loss Journey

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Are all of the little how-to’s of improving your health and losing weight making you question your sanity? You’re not alone.


As a health coach and certified nutritionist, one of the top complaints I hear about weight loss is that it requires a lot of effort and energy to do everything you’re supposed to do.


I get it. Really, I do.


Going on yet another diet can feel exciting at first. We feel motivated to really change our lives this time. We start making grocery shopping lists with all of our meals planned out for a solid month in advance. We’ve color-coded the Tupperware containers in the fridge to tell us what meal is what. We renew our gym membership and immediately start signing up for 5 am group fitness classes and personal training sessions in the afternoon. We’re really doing this!


It only takes a few weeks before overwhelm creeps in. The effort required to follow through with every healthy habit we’re trying to build seems insurmountable, and where’s the reward? Is this how fit people live their lives? What did I sign up for?


On my weight loss journey, stress and overwhelm were part of my life, but they didn’t control my success. I controlled my health success by concentrating on these three ways to minimize overwhelm as much as possible: Read the rest of this article at Mind Body Green!





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