4 Reasons You Should Never Hire a Health Coach

You know what tap dances on my last nerve more than my iPhone’s non-existent battery life, missing an entire section of my leg while shaving, and making awkward small talk with hair stylists?


People blindly following the lead of others (like health coaches) just because they seem to be doing the right things…

Just because their websites are spiffy & perfect
Just because their workout selfies and food pics put Jillian Michaels to shame
Just because they constantly flaunt their celebrity connections and charity fundraising events for The Kale Freedom Foundation of America and Society for the Resolution of First World Problems.
Just because they “seem” to know their shit.


When it comes to health coaching, I’ll be super honest: a bunch of it is bullshit smoke & mirrors (clever marketing), and less about actually helping you reach YOUR goals.


As a weight loss success strategy coach (aka health coach), I want to give you exactly 4 reasons you should never hire a health coach or blindly follow what they say:


1. You Have No Flippin Clue What They Do or How They Can Help You:

Never hire someone if you don’t know what they do or how they can add value to your life. Health coaches operate businesses, not charities. While “holding space” can be a natural part of the health coaching process, it shouldn’t the primary thing you’re paying for (and an honest health coach should own up to this).

Be clear about what area of “health” you feel like you need help with because different coaches specialize in different things and hold vastly different values. If you don’t know what you need to change, and you don’t know what coaches can really do for you, then you should ABSOLUTELY NOT be hiring a coach. If you do, prepare to have a paid friend instead.


2. You Feel Uncomfortable Opening Up to A Stranger:

An excellent health coaching experience REQUIRES a good coach-to-client relationship that is very personal. To get the most out of your coaching sessions, it’s important that you trust your coach enough to be open about what you believe is holding you back from making changes.

Your health coach has to be able to put judgement aside and ask deeper questions to get at the source of your issue. This means you have to take off your mask and reveal the vulnerable side of yourself that your ego wants to be a secret.

For most people, this is what will hold them back from making progress with health coaching. It helps to hire a coach you connect with and feels like they “get” you. You’ll feel far more comfortable expressing your frustrations, taking the actions recommended to you, and see progress much quicker.


3. You Can Do It On Your Own:

If you’re a smart, resourceful and driven individual, you might be able to figure out your health dilemma on your own. So why would you hire a coach to do something you could figure out without help? To save you time and sanity (pretty much).

If you’ve found a coach who actually listens, asks the right questions, and has extensive experience in your area of frustration… they can save you days, weeks, months (or years) of making bad decisions (because you were blindly following fads). In the long run, it’s cheaper to work with someone who has done all the ground-work in advance, and had the expertise to guide you.

The second reason hiring a coach even though you can do it yourself makes sense is their unique insight. When we’re deep in our worries and stress of life, our judgement of reality can become very cloudy. We get tunnel vision and don’t see things the way an outsider would. A health coach can push you to look at things you want to ignore, enable you to see things you were unaware of, and show you opportunities you never dreamed were possible.


4. It Costs Too Much:

Statistically speaking, health coaching sessions typically last anywhere from 3 months to several years (at usually over $100 a pop). Money matters, and if you think that a coach is too expensive– chance are you’re right. If it puts you in a financial strain to pay for something that you don’t even see as a necessity, you’re being dumb. It’s much smarter to take what that coach offers for free (like blog posts, video tutorials, guides, and webinars) instead.

If you CAN afford their fee, but you’re not committed to following their advice and guidance because you’re still not ready to change yet, the investment in yourself isn’t an investment at all. You’re wasting your cash.

And if you CAN afford the cost BUT you’re skeptical as hell, forget about it. No one likes their time wasted. Go back and learn more about the health coach, their experience, their philosophy before you consider hiring… because a skeptical know-it-all does not work and sees no results. Your health coach wants you to see the results as much as you do.


If you felt triggered by any of these 4 things examples, you’re not alone. It’s not fun owning up to our own dumb excuses and the stupidity of hopping from one shiny object to the next.


I’ve chased glitter-covered-poo before, too. It’s humiliating and the stank stays with you for a while.


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  • And why does just thinking about exercise make you want to die?


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