5 Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives


Every Halloween I am torn.


Should I give the trick-or-treater kids the candy that they really want? Should I try to find healthier alternatives that they might eat? Or should I just shut off my porch light and ignore anyone that comes to my front door?


I strongly dislike the idea of feeding children foods that will lead to all kinds of nasty diseases. But I want them to have fun and celebrate the holiday. So, I go the extra mile and provide better options for the kids that come to my door begging for sweets.


If you're like me and want to let the kids have fun, but provide a better alternative, here are some options to consider this Halloween:

1. Raw Revolution Organic Live Food Bars are gluten-free, organic, and non-gmo. Purchasing them through Amazon, they cost about .84 cents each. You may be able to find mini Lara Bars in the grocery store for slightly less, but they are not organic/non-gmo. .84 cents may seem like a lot, but think about all of the times your kids came home with a full-sized candy bar in their trick-or-treat bag. Nowdays, those candy bars cost as much as a healthier alternative like Raw Revolution or Lara Bar.

2. Yummy Earth Organic Pops and Drops come in flavors like Pomegranate Pucker and Wet Face Watermelon. Free of gluten, nuts and corn syrup, these candies are also certified organic and kosher. They’re available at Whole Foods and other natural foods stores, and online.

3. KIND Mini bars or individual serving size of trail mix. Trader Joes offers a few of their popular trail mixes in individual-size options. You can also get individual organic and/or non-gmo dark chocolate covered almonds at Safeway grocery stores for about $1.00 each.

4. Mini glow sticks are loved by children and adults. No one turns down a glow stick. You can purchase them fairly cheap at dollar stores and Target. You can even get a package of 100 of them on Amazon for less than $10.

5. Halloween-themed stickers are another one of those things that everyone just loves and it won't give you cavities! Most kids aren't going to get upset if you give them a sticker instead of a tootsie roll. They'll probably actually appreciate the sticker more. Maybe you are a serial crafter and already have a stash of Halloween stickers you could give away to the little ones? If not, you can purchase 500 stickers on Amazon for about $15. I am certain you could probably get even better deals at your local craft stores if you have special coupons.

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