5 Incredibly Easy Workouts You Can Do on the Go

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Everyone is busy — you know this, we know this, everyone knows this.

It can be frustrating to have such a packed schedule when you want to do stuff for yourself, though. Often, workouts fall by the wayside because other obligations just have to take precedence.

But not anymore.

These are a handful of easy workouts that make it easy for you to get moving in places where you might not have considered working out. If you find yourself with a few minutes of down time in the following five places, don’t hesitate to work up a little sweat.

At the Office

Your office is the perfect place for a workout — in fact, there are several moves you can do with the aid of your chair.

Try sitting on the edge of your chair and then slowly sliding off so that your arms are holding onto the chair and your body is on the floor in front of it. With your elbows bent at 90 degrees, dip up and down and let your triceps lift you back up. You can do step-ups, backward leg extensions, and chair squats, too.

The idea of an office-based workout has been around for ages, though, so you don’t have to stick to just your chair: Build a routine that works for you and you’ll be way more inclined to keep it up.

In the Bathroom

Those few minutes between the time that the water heats up, and you get in the shower are a perfect little window for a few calf raises. All you have to do is plant your feet flat on the floor and then roll up onto your toes as if you’re wearing ballet pointe shoes. Repeating the motion will tone your lower leg.

If you have a bathroom stool, you can make the workout even more lower body focused. Grab a heavy bottle of shampoo for added resistance as you step up onto your stool and back down. Once you’ve done a step up on both your left and right feet, you’ve finished one rep.

You might even want to try lunging from the toilet to the sink to wash your hands if the journey’s long enough. Get creative, and you’ll see your bathroom as more of a gym than a sanctuary — at least until you start drawing a bath.

At the Park

The park is basically an outdoor free gym if you know where to look to work out. Most green spaces have running or walking trails that make it easy for you to squeeze in a cardio workout if you can leave the kids with your spouse for a bit. Simply living closer to a park means you can go exercise when you find yourself with a half hour of downtime.

Your local park might also have structures designed to help you get into or stay in shape. Look for things like pull-up bars and benches — you might even find a local park with cardio machines, stretch bars and steps for lower-body workouts.

In Your Hotel Room

Hotels are a great place to work out because you have a whole stretch of space to yourself. Seriously — you can do any workout you like without fear of embarrassing yourself in front of a large crowd.

If you don’t have a go-to workout video or routine you can transfer from home to your hotel room, try other fitness gurus’ routines designed specifically for a hotel room. This varied workout will keep you engaged in what you’re doing since it changes every few seconds.

At the Mall

The mall is another perfect place to stretch your legs — those mall walkers have had it right for a really, really long time. If you’re busy or have little ones in tow, there’s no easier workout than this one. You can strap your kiddos into strollers and get your cardio done. You also have the added benefit of exercising indoors so you’re not waiting for the weather to determine if you can take a walk or not.  


You’ll be surprised to see how quickly these workouts add up. You might just find yourself incorporating more moves and more sessions once you realize how easy it is to get a quick workout burst in between the banal. In other words, even if you have no time, there are workouts that can show you results — in no time at all.

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Jennifer Landis is a mom, wife, writer, and blogger at Mindfulness Mama. She enjoys drinking tea, dark chocolate, and rainy day snuggles with her daughter. She enjoys sunny days, too, but finds they are less conducive for snuggles. Follow her on Twitter @JenniferELandis.

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