The 5 Mental Farts Holding You Back


You’ve got health goals don’t you?


So then why have you waited so long to take your health (or weight loss journey) seriously by working with someone who’s been in your shoes?


I lost 150 pounds in 11 months and it took me a long time to figure out why sooooo many women who go on weight loss journeys completely fail.


But after sustaining a massive weight loss for 8 years now, I’ve come to realize that there are a few key areas where even the smartest women get a case of the mental farts…


==>> Mental Fart One: They have no idea it’s actually possible to succeed if they stick with it and keep showing up… even if they have metabolic problems or injuries. [This was my problem the first several times I tried to lose weight]


==>> Mental Fart Two: They think they have to eat just 1 perfect way to attain results fast.


==>> Mental Fart Three: They think it’s ONLY about building healthy habits and once they’re built, it’s easy peasy motivation from there.


==>> Mental Fart Four: They either don’t exercise at all or treat it as if it’s a punishment that they HAVE TO do.


==> Mental Fart Five: Everything goes amazingly well for months and they’re seeing great progress, but then something bad happens financially (or there’s a death in the family)… and then everything falls apart (including their weight loss progress).


Anything here sound familiar?


Repeat after me: I’m not stupid– I’ve just fallen too far into what’s comfortable and relied too much on building healthy habits that I forgot about WHY I continue to put the weight back on when the habits fail me.


Ok, that was a lot to repeat after me.


Here’s what I know about losing weight fast and keeping it off for a long time:


  • There isn’t 1 formula that works for everyone. 
  • Showing up for your health consistently is more important than being perfect. A few mess-ups aren’t as important as the 90 times you got it right.
  • If you have a weak mental determination, you will not follow through with ANY diet or workout routine.
  • Doing what you hate doesn’t lead to long lasting results.
  • AND emotional eating and drinking will KILL your progress in it’s tracks if you don’t work through it.


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