5 Ways A Health Coach Prepares For Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl


For many, the Super Bowl is the first temptation we must endure if we just set a New Year’s resolution to lose weight or get healthier. We don’t need to miss out on this championship game in order to excel at our own personal goals. Here are some action steps we can take to prevent derailing our best intentions:


Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

The worst thing we could do for our health this Super Bowl Sunday is to take a pass on our breakfast in the hopes of reserving those calories for splurging on junk food and drinks at game time. This kind of thinking deflates our health goals. By the time we arrive at the Super Bowl party, we’re ready to make a mad dash for all of the finger foods in sight. By committing to nourishing our body with breakfast, we can navigate food choices later that won’t end in a fumble.


Be the Super Bowl Party Host

Being the host of the Super Bowl party gives us the control over our environment. If we don’t want cans of soda and bags of chips scattered around our living room, we have the power to say no. Of course, our friends will likely hate us for crippling their fun and we’ll never be allowed to host a Super Bowl party again.

To score a touchdown party planning performance, we ought to focus on providing foods that are healthy and fun while still incorporating the favorites of our partygoers. Let’s kick-off with the best (and healthiest) guacamole we’ve ever made. Crowd out potato chip cravings with some simple sweet potato fries. And say no to mainstream soda and opt for a Zevia (sweetened with stevia) soda instead.


Dose Up On Activated Charcoal

We may have the best of intentions when it comes to our commitment to good health; however, temptation often gets the best of us. One simple hack that will help combat our lack of willpower over the lure of the giant cheeseball and never-ending supply of drinks is activated charcoal. This little miracle worker might end up being our best defense against toxins. Before we tackle that plate of loaded nachos or down that shot of celebratory whiskey, we need to be certain we’ve taken activated charcoal to intercept some of those pesky toxins that may leave us feeling bloated and gassy. Activated charcoal binds to poisons in the body and eliminates them before they wreak havoc. The recommended dose is 1 or 2 grams before eating or drinking.


Choose Drinks Wisely

Alcohol is present at every Super Bowl party we’ll probably ever attend in our lifetime. We can opt to abstain from it completely or indulge wisely. Some strategies for Super Bowl party drinking include knowing what alcoholic beverages contain the most sugar, which will give you the worst hangover and what is loaded with gluten.

If you’re just looking to avoid the Monday morning hangover detox, fan favorites include consuming only vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, and other distilled spirits. Beer is absolutely the worst thing we can drink if we’re looking to avoid a hangover.

If we’re cutting back on sugar but still want to enjoy drinking, some low fructose options include wine, distilled spirits (see above), and beer. Stay away from champagne, sparkling wine, and dessert wines.

Or maybe we are sensitive to gluten but still want to party? Here are some things to look for: Angry Orchard hard cider, Against the Grain beer, RedBridge Beer, Gutenberg red ale, Luksasowa vodka, Vikingfjord vodka, Boyd & Blair vodka, Cicro vodka, Hendrick’s gin, Williams Chase gin, Bacardi 151 rum, Malibu rum, Bayou rum, and Jack Daniel’s whiskey.

With this being said, we ought to double-check the labels of alcoholic beverages to ensure that they are truly gluten free! By choosing your drink wisely, we won’t have regrets Monday morning.


Touchdown Contest

We’ll need to rally our enthusiastic friends for this one. But I promise it will keep everyone energized during the entire game. Before the football game begins, we need to challenge our friends to the touchdown contest. For every touchdown scored by our favorite team, we must participate in a full minute of jump squats, pushups, burpees, or just jumping jacks. If the opposing team scored a touchdown, we have the right to pout. It’s essential to hold our friends accountable to this contest and no cheating! By the time the game is over (if your team is the Super Bowl champions) we’ll feel just as alive as our champs! As a bonus, we may have worked off some of that guacamole and tequila.


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