5 Ways I Lifted My Obesity Curse


We all love a good fairy tale don’t we? My husband and I recently got caught up in watching all 3 seasons of Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I felt so sick and dirty for getting sucked into the good vs. evil plot and the prince always finding the princess mushiness. We were captivated and maybe secretly hoped that by somehow watching 66 episodes (seriously) of this show, the magic would rub off on us. I know that I sure did. I can’t be alone.

However, I have a fairy tale of my own to share. My story began under a horrible curse. I spent the first quarter-century of my life tormented by obesity. Obesity was my evil adversary. It made me feel like a big, ugly troll. I desperately wished that there was a fairy godmother out there somewhere that could cast a weight-loss spell over me and make me look normal.

I always feared there was some source of evil lurking in the shadows of my life—not permitting me to live a happy, active existence like so many other folks got to enjoy. The evil creature seemed to be waiting with a weapon to bludgeon my hopes for happiness. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, the curse worsened and I had mutated into an out-of-control giant—weighing a hefty 300 pounds (that’s a lot of magic beans). Read the rest at The Utopian Life. 


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