Buying Local Food is More Than Just Healthier For You



We all know that fresh food tastes better, and that fruits and veggies ripe from the garden and orchard have the best flavor of all. But have you considered all the benefits to purchasing produce grown within the vicinity to where you live?


Local produce is more wholesome and nutritious: Fresh food begins losing nutrients quickly once harvested. The quickest route from field to mouth provides the highest levels of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Local produce helps preserve genetic diversity: Local farmers know the importance of growing a variety of crops to keep the soil healthy along with our planet’s seed stock. Many  local farms grow heirloom varieties that have been passed down for many generations and contain the diversity needed to sustain climate changes. Large agribusiness focuses on hearty hybrid seeds, designed for large yields, minimal care, and produce that can be handled and shipped.

Local produce supports energy conservation: The average distance our food travels is 1500 miles, mostly by air and truck which increases our dependence on petroleum. By buying locally, you conserve the energy that’s used for transport.

Buying local produce supports local farmers: Less than 1% of the American population farms. Buying direct from local farms, farmer’s markets and local grocer’s dedicated to providing local food, supports these hard-working families and keeps them growing.

Local produce builds community: Buying local food connects you to where you are. It keeps your money in the local economy, promotes awareness of the local environment and provides an opportunity to get to know the farmers that grown the food you eat.

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