A Typical Day of Living Healthfully For Me (June 2015)

Living Healthfully


From time to time, I have people ask me what I do on a daily basis to maintain my 125-pound weight loss over these last 6 years. Many times, I tell them that what I do daily isn't what they probably should do daily (because we're all completely different).

As you can imagine, most people don't like that answer. We're curious creatures. We want to learn from people who have been successful. I get it.

What I do today to maintain my health is not the same thing I did 7 years ago when I started my weight loss journey. What I do next year won't be the same as what I do today. Life is always changing and routines have to be adjusted. This is something that most people don't consider. That's why so many people fall off the weight loss wagon when something comes up to interrupt their routine.

I'm sharing my current routine with you to answer some questions many of you have. I'm not saying what I do is "right" or perfect. I've come to a place in my life where I am mostly content with my body, my relationships, and my purpose in life. I'm no longer striving so hard to get to a destination that doesn't exist.

If that resonates with you and that's something you want for yourself, read on.

Living Healthfully with Naomi (June 2015):

4:00am: I wake up and take some vitamins and drink a full glass of water. I go back to bed and wait for my hubby to wake up (to go to work). I typically use this time to just wake up… so I often check emails and look at social media for about 30-45 minutes. I also use this time to set intentions for the day and experience gratitude for all of the really great things that I have going on in my life.

4:45am: The typically morning routine & I get dressed for my workout. I prepare my gym bag, make sure I have my ipod, my water bottle, electrolytes, etc. If I choose to workout in the basement instead of the gym, then I take a little more time to wake up in the morning instead of driving to the gym.

5:45am: Because I've been driving my husband to work in the morning these last couple of weeks, I tend to hit the gym after I drop him off at work. Lately, I've been loving the stairmaster and can spend anywhere between 20-60 minutes on it depending on what the rest of my daily schedule looks like and how my body feels. I will often run on the treadmill for 10-30 minutes after the stairmaster because I love to run and need to work it in. I will then either do some exercises on the weight machines or just go home. Of course, next month… my fitness routine will probably look different.

7:15am: Drink my prepared protein shake. It always varies in ingredients. I use many different protein powders. liquids, fruits, and often use a green powder from ALOHA.

7:30am: Arrive home. Shower. Get in some comfy clothes. Maybe get a light snack like a piece of fruit or low-sugar yogurt (depending on how I feel).

8:00am: Start working on my health coaching business. This may mean I am emailing clients, writing articles, developing meal plans, fitness routines, action plans, shooting videos, taking promotional photos, working on social media, newsletters, products, reading self-help or textbooks, etc.

9:30am: I will typically be drinking water and/or tea through out my day. I often have an apple or orange around this time.

11:00-11:30am: My typical lunch break time. I take more vitamins. I eat a big homemade salad that I've prepared ahead of time. Right now, my salads tend to have a lot of cabbage, The Healthy 8 Chopped Vegetables (from Trader Joes), cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, kalamata olives, and some chicken breast. Rarely will I add dressing. I will also sometimes have a low-sugar yogurt, too.

11:30am: Because I work from home, I feel the need to clean. So, I spend time doing the normal cleaning stuff like washing dishes, laundry, straightening up, yard work, taking care of my dogs, running errands, etc.

1:00pm: Some days, I hit the gym a second time before I pick my husband up from work. If my body feels good, my energy is good, and my work schedule is not very heavy… I work out a second time for about 30-40 minutes (this is usually 2 times a week). This workout here lately has been a little bit of stairmaster time again and then something easier like the elliptical, bike, or weight machines. I workout this second time because I am trying to build back up my endurance and strength from being more sedentary during the winter/spring months, plus I'd like to lose a few pounds that I gained.

2:00-3:00pm: I spend this time in traffic getting my husband from work and bringing him home. If I were not sharing a vehicle with him right now, I would ordinarily be preparing our dinner during this time (we eat early) and cleaning up the kitchen. As you can see, this is essentially an hour of "wasted" time.

3:00-3:45pm: I spend this time preparing dinner. Over the last few months, I've gotten into a routine of cooking a whole chicken in the crockpot and then using that meat for several meals. It makes cook time considerably less during the majority of the week and it's very cost effective. So, if I have chicken already cooked and ready to use, I often make some sort of skillet meal with a TON of vegetables (always chopped onion and mushrooms and some sort of frozen veggie like broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, okra, or a mix) and a sauce (pasta tomato sauce, salsa, coconut aminos, canned coconut milk, and rarely an alfredo sauce). Because I cook with so many vegetables, we have a lot to eat and always go back for seconds. We never have bread or wheat pasta with any meals (I eat gluten-free), so sometimes we have sweet potatoes or white rice if my calorie intake has been on the low side (yes, I still track what I eat a lot of the time).

4:00-8pm: During this time, I typically will be doing health coaching with clients (or preparing for it), replying to important emails, doing more household chores, or just enjoying some quality time with my husband and/or friends. It really varies each day, but as my health coaching practice has picked up some more, I find that a lot of my evenings are filled with talking with clients (which is fun, too).

8-9pm: I'm almost always in bed at this time. You can't get a full night's rest (and wake up at 4am) unless you go to sleep early. I've had this routine for a very long time. One reason is because I've had many morning jobs and have had to wake up early. I also love working out in the mornings (it gives me more energy during the day), so I would often hit the gym (in the past) as soon as they open at 5am. Also, going to sleep earlier prevents night-time snacking. There's no reason for me to be awake watching television and eating ice cream in the middle of the night.


So, as you can see… my idea of living healthfully may be different from yours… and it's certainly different from other health experts. I do what works for me, and that is always changing (as I stated in the beginning of this post).

Next month, instead of going to the gym, I may find myself going on more hikes again and lifting weights in my basement. I may make more fresh salads for dinner instead of skillet meals. I may spend more evenings on my back porch relaxing with my dogs and enjoying summer. Who knows? But right now, this is what it looks like. One thing that remains constant is working in some sort of physical activity, being mindful of what I choose to eat, and making time to really enjoy my life.

What does living healthfully look like right now? Leave a comment and let me know!


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