Amaranth: A Divine Breakfast Porridge


I first heard about Amaranth from a Mind Body Green article that was written last year. It claimed that Amaranth was a super food to watch out for in 2015. Naturally, I curious about this psedo-grain that was being haled “The Next Quinoa”. So, I ordered some Amaranth online because I didn’t know where in the hell I would be able to find it at. Note to self: it’s available in the bulk bins at Main Market Co-op… and it’s probably available at your local Whole Foods or other health food store, too.


So, I tried it out on a few different recipes. I don’t like the “nutty” smell it has while cooking. It doesn’t smell like something I would eat. But once I got past the cooking smell, it was fine. I made this recipe and gave it to Mind Body Green because it was pretty tasty and thought it should be shared with others. Unfortunately, they chose to feature the recipe with a confusing (but maybe prettier) photo. The photo I have in this blog post *IS* what it looks like. I’m not even certain what’s in the bowl they have a photo of.


Check out the recipe here if you want to learn more about Amaranth and try a awesome new recipe to replace your morning oatmeal!





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