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Winner have been announced! Brandy M. & Melissa S. will both be receiving a copy of my book. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!



Hello hello hello!

In last night’s live webinar: 8 Great Ways to Lose Weight, I gave away 2 copies of my book, Transformative Tactics. I promised the ladies there would be a contest today so they had a second chance to get a copy if they were not picked last night.

Everyone is eligible to participate in this book giveaway!

If you would like to get a FREE copy of this book sent to your home, here’s what you will need to do to win:


The rules:

1. You must comment on this blog post using your email address & at least your first name (and last initial) : IMPORTANT: in the blog post you must tell me what part of your health or weight loss you struggle with THE MOST!

2. You must follow/friend me on at least ONE of the following social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

3. I will promote this giveaway on each of these 3 social media outlets, it’s important that you hit “like” or “favorite” on the post for this giveaway under whichever of the social media channels you choose.

4. Lastly, you must be signed up for my newsletter to win.

…That’s it!

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2 Winners will be picked randomly and announced on Wednesday, April 1st (I promise it’s NOT an April Fool’s joke) through social media and via email.


P.S. I have the Introduction to this book free to read and the 21-page Diet chapter free to download. Interested? 

You only need to go to this website to read the introduction for free. From there, you can download the 21-page diet chapter if that’s something you’re interested in, too. 21 pages is kind of a big deal…

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16 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Transformative Tactics

  1. My health I’m most concerned with is the PCOS I struggle with. It is causing issues that I’m not fond of! But, withhelp I know I can beat this thank you for being a huge inspiration

    • Brandy, thank you for sharing your struggle! I know that PCOS is very difficult to live with! But I also know that it can be managed. 🙂 Keep fighting the good fight. You got this!! <3

  2. My weight loss.. I struggle getting over the 20lb mark and normally toss in the towel just before I get there … feeling like I am failing.. looking forward to achieving it and soaring past that mark to my end total of 90 lbs!! Thanks for being inspirational!!

    • I hear ya, Michele! I think we’re all pretty hard on ourselves and we give up pretty quickly. Remember, the destination is great to have in mind, but when we get so fixated on getting to that destination, it can make living where we are at right now pretty miserable. I hope you can find some things to enjoy about your life and the process to better health right now… and not just later. 🙂

    • Hey there Maggie,

      Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your struggle with food. I wonder if part of the problem with eating healthy for you is that you think it’s supposed to be hard? Or is it possible you’ve been on a lot of fad diets or weight-loss programs that encourage you to continue eating junk food (just in smaller doses)? Weight Watchers comes to mind. Either way, thank you for sharing and you’re entered into the drawing!

  3. I was one of the lucky ones who got to participate in the webinar. What i found myself thinking was i just have so much weight to lose that it feels overwhelming. I weigh 282 lbs and i am 45 yrs old. I know it is not going to get any easier to lose, but i struggle being consistent for a week… how can i possibly do it for years?

    • Hi Melissa!

      I was so honored and thrilled to have you attend the webinar on Tuesday night!! You’re so right… the older we get, the seemingly harder weight loss and getting healthier is. Part of the reasons is because the longer we stay with our bad habits, the more ingrained and “natural” they feel. Changing ANYTHING in our lives feels uncomfortable… even just driving to work a different way for the first time in a few weeks. We fight against it!

      I was at that 282 pound mark once before, too. I understand how tired and fedup you must feel. I still struggle with being “consistent” for a week. I “mess up” on something every single day. I set really high standards for myself… and that usually leads to “failure”. Do you ever feel like that? Being consistent isn’t about being perfect with everything that you do.

      A truly consistent person does her best… but makes mistakes. Somedays, you might eat pizza. Somedays, you might have beer. Somedays, you’re going to not want to work out and you won’t. But the more you get up the next day and try again, that’s being consistent and resililent. Like I said before, you need to trust yourself. You know what you want, you know what to do… you just need to know that YOU CAN DO IT. 🙂 <3

  4. At this point in my life, I’m kind of struggling with all of it. I haven’t gained control of my eating habits. I haven’t committed to a regular exercise regimen. My life totally changed once I had my two kids, and I’m having a terrible time finding my own identity again. Starting a healthy weight loss journey has felt like an insurmountable task the last couple years. I just feel lost. Ugh.

    • Hi Ashley,

      I wonder how your life has changed since having 2 kids? Do you mean you don’t have time for what you want to do? Do you mean that children somehow changed your eating habits? Do you mean it’s stressful? Would you have honestly considered yourself healthy before having kids? By healthy, I don’t mean your weight… I mean that you were physically active and ate healthy foods.

      I’m not discounting your struggle at all. But so many women blame their children for their own struggle with weight. But a lot of the time, these women weren’t exactly the picture of health before the kids came along.

      Being on a healthy weight loss journey CAN feel like a struggle/task if you don’t enjoy it. If you can’t find anything at all that you like about it– it’s going to suck and you’re going to struggle a lot… and probably give up on yourself a lot. But you already know that.

      To me, it sounds like you’re fed up, stressed out, and are sick of all of the struggling. Am I right?

      I don’t know what your family life looks like, but because you mentioned your children were holding you back (in a way)… you might want to focus on your family life a bit more. How can you involve the kids in picking out healthier foods and making it fun for everyone? Can you go to the park and actually play with your kids? Can your significant other (or another family member) look after your kids once in awhile so that you can go exercise or take quiet time to yourself? It’s going to be difficult for awhile because you’ve laid out an example for these children and they are used to you (and them) behaving a certain way. Bad habits are hard for everyone to break! And kids throw bigger fits than adults… I get it. But you are actually the one in charge… you’re the example for everyone.

      Your identity will come back…. when you allow yourself the time to find your passions, creativity, and discover more about your own personality. It all takes time. You can try to fight time, but you won’t win. You know that, too.

      Thank you for sharing your heart with me, Ashley. You’ve been entered to win the book!

      • Please forgive me, I didn’t convey my thoughts very well. I don’t blame my children for my weight gain in the least. What I mean is that I changed after having them. Many of the ways that I changed were good. I quit smoking, don’t get drunk anymore, and only have an occasional drink. I don’t do any drugs anymore. And as far as the knowledge and understanding of healthier foods, I’ve gained much since having my kids, because I started to think about that for them. We have healthier food in the house now than before I had my kids. BUT, I did not eat nearly as much before I had kids as I do now. And I was more active before. I used to be 125lbs, and now I’m around 215. That sucks.
        A lot of my problem revolves around comfort eating. Things are very stressful in our home right now because we are struggling financially. That part will get better in time, but it’s been a tough few years. When I feel unhappy or stressed, I am prone to eating whatever I can get my hands on to try to feel better, which as everyone here knows doesn’t work.
        I think one reason for why making good changes has been so hard for me is because I gave up so many habits and made so many changes, and maybe there’s a part of me that replaced some of it with food, and doesn’t want to let that go. I need to figure out how to conquer that part.
        When the weather is nice, I do take them to the playground, try to go for walks, etc. But the winter just kills me. I live in MN, and when the temp goes down it’s hard to find outdoor activities that don’t cost money, other than the occasional sledding. And you have to be careful that it isn’t too cold for the kids, which happens a lot. At this point I can’t afford a gym membership, which is what I used to have for exercise.
        Once things get better for us financially, then more opportunities will open up. But I’ve got to get my head right, and I’m having trouble with that part. I hope this explains a little better. I know that I could and should be doing more. I just, struggle with the motivation to do it sometimes. I know I need to be a better example to my children, and I want to be. I’ve got one more addiction, food, to conquer, and it is a freakin’ doosey.

        • Hi Ashley,


          Thanks for clearing that all up for me. I don’t like to assume anything about anyone’s struggle and I know that we often don’t experess all that is going on through our written word.

          I’m so happy to hear that mostly good changes have taken place in your life since having kids! 🙂 Children usually super-charge our responsibility as an adult and make us “grow up”.

          I understand all too well about stress eating. That’s a struggle I deal with the most, too. Yes, when you cut out all of the other bad habits you used to rely on when the stress came in… you were left with food. It makes total sense to me.

          You’re right about getting your head right. This is a mindset problem… not necessarily an addiction (in my opinion). How you handle stress has a lot to do with how you choose to perceive the stress/problems in your life.

          I feel like the statement: “Once things get better for us financially, then more opportunities will open up.” is delaying your happiness. What do you think? How could you change this right now?

          I know what it feels like to struggle financially… I’ve been down that scary road many times. I grew up in poverty and carried a poverty-mindset with me into my adulthood. Not having all of the money you want may limit some of the things you can do, but it doesn’t limit everything. Money does make life easier… you can do things more quickly, you don’t have to be as creative or resourceful, and things comes more easily. But not having money doesn’t mean not living a good life. This is a mindset issue, too (and a big excuse).

          Opportunities are all around you. You have to choose to be open to seeing them and accepting them. Many of us don’t see great oppurtunities because they look like something bad at first… They look like hard work that won’t be worth it.

          I just want you to think a little bit about these things… and please don’t take any of this as any kind of judgement. I don’t know you and even if I did… these are my own feelings… not necessarily the truth.. and especially not the truth about you. 🙂 <3

  5. I totally struggle with the will power to keep going and not do the emotional eating I've known since forever! Thanks for sharing with all of us!!! 

    • I totally understand this! I’m a bit of an emotional eater, too. I think we all are to a certain degree. When I’m super stressed out…. the first thing I think of is food. At least you admit you’re an emotional eater. So many people are in denial about it. When you know what your “weakness” is… then you can try to find ways to work around it. What are your emotional eating triggers? Can they be minimized or dealt with in a different way (besides eating)? Thank you for sharing your struggle! You aren’t alone!!

  6. I have a difficult time staying on track. I stray from workouts or superb eating around 2 weeks in and after that it becomes a rollercoaster. Also, there’s little to no positive reenforment or example from those around me which makes it even more difficult to continue. :/ You’re the biggest inspiration I have so thank you for creating this site and everything.

    • Hi Heidi,

      Positive reinformcement is important for anything you are trying to change in your life. If others are not giving you any positive reinforcement, it must come from you.

      This can mean, giving yourself “rewards” for continuing to do well with your healthy habits. You must follow through and give yourself those rewards though. If you don’t, you’ve let yourself down.

      None of us can stay “on track” 100% of the time. It might “appear” as though some people are perfect with their eating and exercise all of the time… but trust me… they aren’t. Not at all. But they do get back up and keep trying when they “fail” or have a mishap. There’s NOTHING wrong with that! 🙂

      Remember, YOU are the example for many people around you. When they refuse to try to get healthier with you, you must just SHOW them how it’s done…. but don’t force or whine about it. This is what I had to do, too.


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