Health Coaching Session Packages & Pricing

15-minute Initial consultation via Skype or phone FREE:

The complimentary initial consultation is designed to determine if 1-on-1 health coaching is a right choice for you. It includes an interview questionnaire/intake form to help me understand more fully your needs and goals, lifestyle, personality, attitudes toward health and fitness, reasons motivating you to seek out health coaching, etc. This consultation is an excellent way to bring some clarity to your wellness needs and figure out if we will work well together. Because health coaching is a personal relationship between me and you, it’s important that we see eye-to-eye on getting you healthy. My approach is NOT a cookie-cutter approach. Don’t miss out on this free opportunity. (Read FAQ)


4-week health coaching bundle (Skype or in-person): $497

With four weeks of 1-on-1 health coaching, we go through one 2-hour session and three 1-hour sessions via Skype or in-person. This four week bundle is a “getting to know you” experience. You’ll be given a customized Action Plan to work from after our very first session together. After that, we’ll work through other health roadblocks that pop up. Each session is followed with an emailed session summary or important information discussed and a video recording of the Skype session (if requested). You will also receive a meal plan and/or workout routine customized to you if you feel like you need a set plan to follow. Every client is different, so this is optional. The Action Plan is designed for you based on the environment, lifestyle, personality, and struggles you currently have. Not sure if this is right for you? Read the FAQ!


12-week health coaching bundle (Skype or in-person): $1397

With twelve weeks of 1-on-1 health coaching, you’ll have a mentor to see you through some of the most challenging times of your weight-loss journey. With twelve weeks of support, you will receive one 2-hour session (the first session) and eleven 1-hour sessions. This bundle is very much like the 4-week bundle, but with continued support for the twelve week time span. It takes more than four weeks to change your health, your mind, and your weight. When you choose this bundle, you are being realistic with what you really need and you’ve made a commitment to your health. This bundle is ideal for anyone that recognizes there will be times that the weight will stop coming off and will need a professional to trouble shoot with to start the weight loss back up again.


6-month health coaching bundle (Skype or in-person): $2597

Much like the 4-week and 12-week bundles, this bundle includes one 2-hour session (the first session) and up to twenty-three weekly 1-hour sessions. This bundle is for the truly committed individual that is 100% serious about transforming their health and their life. Someone that chooses this bundle understands that there are no “lose weight quick” solutions that work. This person also understands that it’s important to have a mentor on their side who has been there before and knows how to make lasting change possible. This bundle is for the person who can willingly meet up for 1-on-1 sessions weekly and take the actions necessary to make their transformation real. If you’re indecisive about your ability to lose weight, find yourself always making excuses, can’t commit to weekly sessions, or aren’t sure about working with me… this isn’t the bundle for you.



Health Coaching with Naomi

***All sessions are pre-paid before they take place. Payments are made securely through PayPal. If needed, PayPal offers interest free financing if full balance is paid within 6 months. NO refunds for any reason. Make-up sessions permitted when cancellation notice is within 24 hours. Once a make-up is scheduled, this session, can then, not be rescheduled if missed. It will be a forfeit.