December 2016 In Review: The Life of A Health Coach


In an effort to be as transparent and real as possible with my readers, clients, and program members, I decided in 2014 to start a monthly blog update called: “The Life of a Health Coach” because I’m no different than you.

I have great things that I accomplish each month on my journey to improving my health coach business and my life… but I also suffer setbacks and challenges to overcome. If this sounds like something you’re interested in reading more about… keep on…. But if you’re strictly here for the health/weight loss information, I’ll still provide lots of that (just not in this post). So, here are some great results that came from December 2016 for me:


 I (You) Deserve To Be A Success Story Webinar:


Originally, I set out to do this webinar series live for 3 days. Then I extended it 2 more days. It did surprisingly well considering it took place right before the holidays (almost no one cares about healthy eating at this time of year). There were so many good questions asked during this webinars and I could tell that this was something people were highly interested in. Like, more than any other webinar I've hosted. So, I ended up offering a recording of the best webinar (of the 5) to people who weren't ready before the holidays to see it. You can still watch it and take notes by clicking here! I plan to keep it up for a few months.


8 Great Ways To Lose Weight program launch:


My 8GWTLW program is launching for it 6th time in January. I'm right in the middle of the marketing for it. This launch is a lot like the launch that took place in 2016, but I've included bonuses like: Stop A Binge Map, Healthy Habit Tracker, and Moment of Revelation Whybook. These tools were created specifically based on the struggles so many women have with losing and maintaining a weight loss. So instead of having to point my program members to external resources, I've finally been able to create my own versions to share! I've been super happy with just about every launch of this program, but I feel like THIS launch is the best because I've learned so much from the last 2 years of developing and leading this program and it's only getting better and better. 


1 Minute With Naomi Took Hiatus in December:


Earlier this year, 1 Minute With Naomi took hiatus so that I could focus on creating Discovery Dyet with Eve Parker. This month, 1 Minute With Naomi took a break so that I could focus on 8GWTLW launch AND creating better than ever 1 Minute With Naomi videos for the first few months of 2017. I needed the time to focus on QUALITY over quantity. It was a smart move because it gave me time to think through what's important to YOU and the best way to deliver that message. My hope is that the viewership of my 1 Minute videos (which are more like 5 minutes) will increase and the engagement will be higher as I'm discussing more things that you want to know about (not things that just *I* want to talk about). It's hard to believe that my 1 Minute With Naomi Youtube channel already has 94 videos and will cross the 100 threshold in 2017.


Another Huffington Post blog post:


I think it's safe to say that 2016 has not been my year for consistency when it comes to writing articles for other media platforms. I've tried to contribute a little something every month, but it's been a struggle to make the time to do so. In 2014 and 2015, I was pumping out articles like THAT was my job. In 2017, I hope to find more of a balance between 6 and 0. Like maybe 2 or 3 article per month shared with other popular media sites. Anyway, click here to read the article on weight loss motivation. 


My Basement Office:


Toward the end of November/early December I decided that the basement of our home has a nice window ledge that could double as a standing desk. It started out as a place to have no distractions and focus on preparing for my webinar, but then it morphed into a real office in a matter of days. The window doubles as a giant thought bubble and on the other side of my basement is my workout area. So, when I need an energy boost or need to step away from work, I can hop on my treadmill or lift some weights. I think this is one of the best office ideas I've ever had (and I've been having these ideas since 5 years old, people). It really beats that time when I was 6 and made my desk out of a couple of cardboard boxes and my chair was my dad's beer cooler. Yup, I've always been a nerd for workspaces.


I Ran My 2nd Jingle Bell 5k:


I've run this Jingle Bell 5k in the past to support the Arthritis Foundation and I said I would never do it again because running in the snow kinda sucks. Whoops, I did it again. This time, no snow… but super cold. I spent a couple hours writing about the experience for my newsletter subscribers and social media followers. I think they got a kick out of my trauma. It's way easier to have holiday cheer when you don't stand outside in cold weather for an hour before you can run. Some day, I'm going to learn this lesson for real.


Ego is the Enemy (Actually, a good read):

I make excuses as to why I don't have time to read. But I've been reading 1 small section of this book almost every day this month. Some mornings, I read it aloud to my husband before he leaves for work. And he's always moved by how good the message is (as am I). I've shared portions of this book on my Instagram Stories and already convinced a few people to read it. Ego is something every one of us struggles with. 2016 was the year of letting go of ego for me. It started with running that naked 5k in July, actively putting my ego on hold while working with Eve Parker on Discovery Dyet, and even having an entrepreneur friend create reiki-infused mala bracelets to help me drop ego. This book was the icing on the cake. If you are ambitiously going after your big dreams in 2017, I HIGHLY suggest reading this book first!


In every monthly review, I try to also address failures and setbacks that happen during the month and how I handled them. As with every month that goes by, there's always a few. Here's what happened in December: 


I Skipped Christmas:



For the first time in MANY years, I spent Christmas alone… by choice. You see, this time of year is crazy busy for most entrepreneurs in the wellness and business realm. This is the time of year when we're prepping for our big launches in January-March. Last December, I didn't dedicate nearly as much time to the marketing and creation of content, and it kinda flopped. I knew if I went with my hubby to spend Christmas with his family again this year, I'd be in trouble. So, instead, it gave me plenty of time to focus on what I needed to do to make sure January-March is successful. I hope to be better prepared in 2017 for January 2018's launch and not have to do EVERYTHING during the holidays. Plus, I'd like to be able to hire reliable help by then. This soloprenuer stuff gets old real quick. Anyway, here's a video my husband took of our nephews opening presents. Best part? "Thank you Aunt Naomi… Wherever you are…."


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