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One of the scariest things I had to face on my weight loss journey was going to the gym.

It was worse than the normal butterflies in the stomach sort of thing. It was more like bats flopping around and chomping down on all of my organs.
I know I’m not alone in this feeling because I hear about it from my health coaching clients and see it on the faces of many overweight women at the gym every day I’m there. 


We’re doing something a little bit different today for Inspire Transformation. Usually, you’ll hear me talking about 1-Minute with Naomi topics, but today I’m introducing you to some other people—some other fellas. Four hot, fit guys.


The reason I’m doing this is because I know how hard it is to make working out a priority when you can’t bring yourself to get into the gym. I was that shy, introverted, morbidly obese woman when I started my weight loss journey. I joined a gym for the first time at 26 years old. I had never been in a gym before and I felt so much discomfort (to say the least) about being


  • that new person who didn’t know where everything was at,
  • didn’t know how to exercise properly,
  • didn’t know how to use the machines,
  • feeling like everyone was staring at me because I was the only really big person there,
  • and just anticipating the comments people might say or the eye rolls—because I grew up with that type of behavior in my life.



So, that’s why I’ve put together this video for you. I’m going to introduce you to 4 hot, fit guys who are probably at your gym right now working out. They want to welcome you and reassure you that they are not there to pass judgement. They are not there to do anything but encourage you.


If you have found yourself in the gym (and you’re working out), but maybe you’re not going over to the weight section because all of those big, handsome fellas—that’s going to hold you back on your weight loss journey.


PLEASE continue watching this video (and read through the advice below), and I hope that it gives you a little bit of encouragement to go over to the weights (or to try something different), or to just get your ass in the gym in the first place. <– A little bit of real talk there for you.


You have to get in there. There is no other way you’re going to be able to lose the weight AND sustain it long-term without making fitness some sort of priority in your life.



John Kim from TheAngryTherapist.comjohnkim-headshot

Hey guys, what’s up? My name is John Kim. I’m a licensed therapist and I do some fitness. I wanted to make this video right after a workout, and it was a horrible workout. It was one of those days when I came into the box (it’s a Crossfit box) and I just didn’t want to do anything. I wasn’t motivated, I had really shitty sleep. I went into it and with every movement, I wanted to quit.


There is this inner battle you have with yourself where you are fighting and you’re wondering why you’re doing this. You start having these false beliefs that you can’t. You’re never going to be good enough or skinny enough or whatever your goals are. And I want to remind you that fitness is not about comparing yourself to other people. It’s not about numbers. It’s not about the time or the weight. It’s about your own personal journey. It’s about who you were and who you want to be.


I want you to know whether you are on a treadmill or you are in a Crossfit box or in a dojo or a studio, every workout is about you and your story. It’s about shedding the old and coming into the new.




Tanner Wideman from TheBarbarianBody.comtannerwideman-headshot

When it comes to what other people are doing in the gym, honestly, I’m so unaware of what’s going on. Every time I’m in there, I’m focused on what I’m doing. I’m just not paying attention. There’s nothing else in my mind going on other than “What exercise am I doing next? Am I doing good enough?” Sometimes, I’m more self-conscious about what I’m doing and worrying if I’m looking like an idiot myself. I’m not worried about other people. I’ve got enough to worry about with myself. Am I doing the proper form? Am I lifting the weight correctly?


Even in my position now, I’m even self-conscious to a point where I’m worried what other people are thinking of me. It’s absolutely impossible for me to begin judging other people. Because sometimes (even in my position), I’m feeling self-conscious about how I look and how I’m performing that day.


When it comes to anyone who’s in there trying to improve their themselves—trying to go from here to here—I’m proud of you to begin with. There’s no way in hell I’m looking at you and giving you a judgmental look. I’m happy for you trying to make a sincere effort to change your physique and change your health. For those of you who feel self-conscious and you’re coming into the gym and you think everybody’s looking at you and judging you, thinking you’re sticking out like a sore thumb—don’t worry about it. Everybody’s so focused on what they’re doing. The last thing their trying to do is to see what everyone’s doing wrong. Most of the time they’re just focused on, “Am I doing this right?” to begin with.



Anthony Armstrong from TradCraftNutrition.comanthonyarmstrong-headshot

Hi ladies. This is Anthony Armstrong with First off, I want to commend you on taking the first step to becoming a better you. But now, in order to make this a reality, you’re going to have to take that next step. And that’s hitting the weight room.


Meal prepping can be tough, but not near as tough as hitting those weights for the first time. I’m not talking about the amount of weight, the number of reps, or the time you spend on that workout. I’m talking about actually stepping foot in the gym.


I realize that seeing others who may be a little further along on their fitness journey can be intimidating, but you have to understand they were beginners. Everybody in that gym was a beginner (or first timer) at some point or another. Every journey has a beginning. No matter what, they are on the same journey you’re on. If they’re there for the right reasons, they’re on the same journey. That’s the journey of constant improvement.


Don’t be afraid. Don’t let fear of what other MIGHT think of you—and that’s the key word MIGHT—keep you from becoming the best you possible. I believe your abilities may actually surprise you. Now go get it. I believe in you. Get out there and take control and be the best YOU you can be.  




Jordan Harbinger from TheArtofCharm.comjordenharbiner-headshot

Hey, I know what you’re thinking— “When I’m at the gym, I’m so self-conscious… everyone’s looking at me!” Look, I just got back from the gym and I’ll tell ya, the only things I’m thinking about when I’m there are:


  1. How soon can I get out of here?
  2. Am I doing this right?
  3. I hope I don’t drop this on my face.


And when I see other people there who are a little bit over weight or look like they really need to be in the gym (as much as I do), all I’m thinking is, “Props to that person for getting in here and getting it handled.” I’m pretty sure other people at the gym think the exact same way as me. We’re all so preoccupied with our own stuff. We’re not thinking about other people. So, don’t worry—rest easy—keep on truckin’. And pretty soon you’ll wonder what you ever worried about!



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